Clive Peacock Memorial Award 2010

The winner for 2010 was John Oswin, an individual who contributed a huge amount to BACAS in 2009.  John was nominated for his expertise in geophysics, which has enhanced the reputation of BACAS not just in the surveys of the environs of Upper Row Farm but also with the survey of Stanton Drew stone circles that he led in July.  The excellent and professional report he produced with John Richards has been extremely well received and is a credit to the Society. John has generously assisted members with their personal projects and has spent many hours volunteering for the Educational Project, answering numerous questions from inquisitive 8 year olds. Congratulations to John, who is pictured with his prize.

About the Clive Peacock Memorial Award

Clive was a very active member of BACAS and the Committee decided to grant, in his memory, an annual award to the nominated member who is considered to have made the most important contribution to the Society during the previous year.