‘Licking dog’ statue found in Roman hoard

A large Roman hoard, dating to c. AD 318 – 450, has been found in Gloucestershire by metal detectorists. The hoard contains several hundred bronze objects including pieces of a large bronze statue, fragments of jewellery and a marvellous complete statue of a dog.

The dog statue is thought to be a unique find for Britain. The dog, with its tongue sticking out, is 214 mm long, 134 mm high, and 50 mm wide. The finds are being studied at Bristol City Museum.

An article on the discoveries appears in the latest Current Archaeology, https://www.archaeology.co.uk/articles/roman-hoard-holds-unique-dog-statue.htm. The hoard’s Portable Antiquities Scheme database entry can be found at: https://finds.org.uk/database/artefacts/record/id/865434.

‘Licking dog’ photo by Eve Andreski is licensed under CC BY 2.0