Archway Project: Photogrammetry and 3-D modelling

Laura O’Connor of Cotswold Archaeology sets up her Canon as part of the photogrammetry of the Roman remains in areas being developed as part of the Archway Project. The photographic images – there will be 15-20,000(!) by the completion of the survey, will be combined with laser images to create a 3-D photographic model of the space. Out of shot – Keith Miller and Roger Wilkes of BACAS providing assistance.

Laura is using a Canon 5D Mk4 with Sigma 24-165mm fixed zoom. She uses an Xrite colorchecker passport at the start of each batch to enable colour correction when the images are collated.

About the Archway Project

The Roman Baths is part-way through a major scheme – The Archway Project – to open up new areas of the site to visitors and to expand into buildings on the other side of York Street in Bath. As part of this project, BACAS is assisting with the excavations and interpretation of the archaeology of the site. BACAS is a partner of The Roman Baths on the archaeological component of the project and will work alongside the selected archaeological contractors, Cotswold Archaeology. The majority of the funding for the project has come from the Heritage Lottery Fund; however, substantial funding has also been provided by Bath and North East Somerset (B&NES) Council, The Clore-Duffield Foundation and The Garfield Weston Foundation, and fund-raising continues.