Geophysics surveys at Temple Cloud and Bradford on Avon

The geophysics survey at Temple Cloud that was suspended because cows invaded the field is to resume this week. Two days, Tuesday and Wednesday, have been scheduled to try to complete the survey.

Meanwhile, in Bradford on Avon, Sophie Hawke is leading a project which is a joint venture between BACAS and Bradford on Avon Museum. The BoA Museum Research Group has identified a possible building (large, Roman) in a field near Cumberwell Golf course, to the north of Bradford on Avon. MRG members have been picking up quantities of Roman roof tile there but no structures have shown up on aerial photos. We would like to see what geophysical survey reveals!

The dates we plan to survey are: Mon 13, Tues 14, Wed 15 Aug; Tues 21, Wed 22 Aug.