Keynsham dig finishes early

BACAS started excavating in Spinney Close, Durley Hill, in Keynsham on Bank Holiday 27 August. After two days, we had finished the excavation of the main trench and several small test pits but failed to find any type of conduit or culvert, as we had hoped to find.

We have concluded that there is little more we can do in that part of the field so the excavation was brought to a close.
Hopefully when we get permission from the  authorities we will be carrying out limited trenching in the cemetery grounds.

Spinney Close is south of Keynsham Cemetery on the other side of the main road. Our geophysical surveys there in 2017 not only revealed the true location of part of the Roman building excavated by Bulleid and Horne between 1922 to 1924 but also identified and revealed other buildings, possible boundary walls and other features which may be part of the Roman complex.

Photo of Bulleid’s trench at Keynsham Cemetery Roman Villa, reopened by BACAS in 2017.