New report: the Archway in Bathampton

A new report has been published on BACAS geophysics surveys at a medieval archway in Bathampton.

There is a wall with a medieval archway and buttresses in the front garden of Glebe Cottage, Bathampton Lane, Bathampton. The wall is over 2 m high and includes a turn at the southern end. Beyond, to the north, the line continues as a stub wall built on earlier foundations which separates a portion of garden from the main lawn. This appears to be part of a mediaeval building, but is not aligned to be a church, and is most likely for domestic or administrative use.

Geophysical survey of front garden, and also of the neighbouring garden to the west, has suggested an extent for this structure and also located a circular feature under the front lawn.

There are both ecclaesiastical and secular contenders for the origin of this structure. Further research to understand this structure would require excavation.

The report can be downloaded from the Reports section.