Clive Peacock Memorial Award 2019

The Clive Peacock Award for 2019 goes to Robin Holley, our Director of Archaeology.

Robin has been involved in archaeology for many years, and has a BA in Archaeology. He has been active professionally in excavations, surveys and other specialities, He helps to run the Archaeological Landscape Research Group (a semi-professional group with several qualified archaeologists) active mostly in North East Wiltshire and West Berkshire and currently excavating at Wolfhall (where Jane Seymour lived), also in Bedwyn Brail where they are excavating a Neolithic to Iron Age ovoid enclosure. He is very interested in local Wiltshire history and currently collecting place-names of Wiltshire which hopefully will be published.

He joined BACAS in the late eighties and was involved in the excavations at Upper Row Farm and other locations, and he was co-director at the Peart Villa excavation. He is now the society’s Director of Archaeology and gives advice on all aspects of our work. He is the Project Director for the ARK (Archaeology of Roman Keynsham) project, and he is also the overall Project Director for LEAP (Lansdown Environs Archaeological Project). He has for several years worked with Bob Whitaker on the identification, location and significance of Roman Roads in the South and South-west of Britain.

During the Archway Project with BANES, Robin carried out document, plans and other written source research from material held by the Roman Baths archive for Cotswold Archaeology, the main contractor. He is currently working with South West Archaeological Trust, who are acting as archaeological advisors to BANES, on missing and incomplete entries in the BANES HER.

Unfortunately, Robin was unable to be present on the evening of the AGM. At a future date the Chair, Henry Lowe, will present Robin with two books by Guy de la Bédoyère: Dominia and Roman Britain: A New History.

Photo: Robin Holley (left) receives his award from BACAS Chair, Henry Lowe, at the Roman Baths.

About the Clive Peacock Memorial Award

Clive was a very active member of BACAS and the Committee decided to grant, in his memory, an annual award to the nominated member who is considered to have made the most important contribution to the Society during the previous year.