BACAS to change its charity status

At a Special General Meeting on 10th October, members voted to start taking steps to change the structure of BACAS to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation.

Currently, Trustees of the Society bear unlimited liability for errors or accidents that may occur
beyond their control, as well as for financial failings. This seems unreasonable to the Trustees.
In the past, to limit liability, the only alternative was to become a company, albeit charitable.
Fortunately a new structure for charities such as ours was developed a few years ago by the
Charities Commission, and many organisations have switched to become a Charitable
Incorporated Organisation (CIO). The Trustees have decided that this format would suit our
activities and provide benefits which the current constitution does not. It will limit liability and
also allow the society to enter agreements in its own right.

Work will now start on creating a new constitution with the intention of bringing it to the AGM in February.