New report : Royal Victoria Park

A series of geophysics surveys over the accessible areas in the section of the Royal Victoria Park between the Upper Bristol Road and Weston roads in Bath has been completed over the past four years. We know of settlements earlier in history including from Bronze Age through to Roman to the north, east and south of this work. However our results indicate no significant human habitation areas in this area, although they do indicate the remains of considerable activity. This is shown by a large number of long (mostly straight) linear features, many of which cross the area in several directions but bear little relation to the known boundaries of the eighteenth century common fields or the areas making up the current Park. Some of them relate to the routing of water through the area, and we may have detected the possible remains of an old NE/SW roadway. The remaining interpretation of the majority of these remains waits for further knowledge of the history and management of the area.

The report has now been published.