BACAS has changed its charity status

BACAS has become a Charitable Incorporated Organisation with a new number (1189630) and a posh certificate.

Henry Lowe

The BACAS Chair, Henry Lowe, writes:
“I’m very pleased to be able to report that as of 22nd May BACAS is now registered as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. After lengthy preparation and quite a few hoops to jump through, our adherence to our original aims and objectives and to the Charities Commission advice probably made the decision a speedy one for the Charities Commission. As mentioned before, this step will bring our constitution and structure into line with many other similar organisations. So, not much changes. We’ve removed the threat to the Trustees of unlimited liability and got some new benefits. They aren’t part of our current plans but might be in the future. For example we could rent or even own land (perhaps our own site!), or we could rent equipment or perhaps an office. We can employ staff too. The new structure simplifies matters and enables BACAS to enter these types of agreement as an entity itself.
There are a few administrative matters to be completed before the old Society is removed from the register. Despite the change please be assured the Trustees are still conscious of their responsibilities for the proper running of the Society and for the safety of the members and the wider public where we interact with them.”