New report : Flatwood Camp

Flatwood Camp was used from 1892 until 1899 as the location for the 28 day summer camp of the 4th Battalion The Prince Albert’s (Somersetshire Light Infantry) sited in a field of that name on Claverton Down, southeast of Bath.

Permanent buildings are shown on the 1904 25” Ordnance Survey map and a geophysical survey was carried out in August 2021 using magnetometry and resistivity equipment. No clear results were realised except in one area suggesting most buildings were wooden. Possible fireplace evidence was found.

Metal detecting in and around the survey areas produced items from the 18th to 20th century with only coins, corrugated iron and a military button that could possibly be linked to the camp. A buried water pipe network once linking a windpump to the camp buildings and a later reservoir was also discovered.

The report is now available for download.