New report : Lawn below the Royal Crescent Ha-ha

The lawn below the Royal Crescent Ha-ha in Bath was part of an archaeological investigation in 2002 for a Time Team television programme on Channel 4. In this they confirmed the route of and excavated a known Roman road across this lawn, and also revealed and excavated a ditch containing Bronze Age remains.

Our previous work extended the geophysical part of this work, and we obtained some results indicating other possible developments in the area. This is a continuation of this work. This shows a linear high resistivity feature extending from the north west towards the south east under the lawn, appearing to at depth beyond the proposed Roman road line. This is adjacent to and parallel to a very deep and wide low resistivity volume crossing the area.

Our results also indicate differential resistivity results at depth below the soil. These may indicate that these areas may have been filled or levelled over time, a process either manmade or following down-slip from the hillside, with subsequent development on the new ground level.

The report is now available for download.