Clive Peacock Memorial Award 2022

The Clive Peacock Award goes to the nominated member who has made the most important contribution to BACAS over the past year. Henry Lowe made the presentation at the April 2022 Annual General Meeting:

Henry Lowe gave the address:
“This evening it gives me great pleasure to make the Clive Peacock Award to Fiona Medland. Actually, I think Fiona was standing in a trench armed with a shovel when we first met at the Durley Hill site. Perhaps you remember her featuring in the national media when she found possibly the oldest mosaic in the Roman Baths during the Archway Project.

“Fiona is currently leader of the Paul’s Wood project of geophysics and excavation. She has helped develop the technique used for finding vaults under church floors. She has led excursions to Somerset churches, is a member of the Lectures and Excursions sub-committee, and now the new Honorary Secretary.”

Fiona was unable to attend the meeting and received her award, a copy of The World of Stonehenge, by Duncan Garrow and Neil Wilkin, at a later committee meeting.

Photo: Fiona receives her prize from the new Chair, John Richards.

About the Clive Peacock Memorial Award

Clive was a very active member of BACAS and the Committee decided to grant, in his memory, an annual award to the nominated member who is considered to have made the most important contribution to the Society during the previous year.