Archaeology Online: Excavations and discoveries at a new Roman villa in Rutland : 25 January 2023

A new Roman villa was discovered during lockdown in Rutland in 2020, prompting a series of archaeological investigations, carried out primarily by the University of Leicester and Historic England.

This extraordinary site is famous for the figured mosaic depicting scenes from the Iliad, which has been widely publicised. However there is much more to the site than the mosaic, which sits within a largely undisturbed and complete villa estate. Having only completed excavations in September 2022, analysis is still in its early stages. This talk will describe the discovery and place the mosaic in the context of the wider complex, based on the evidence to date.

Speaker: Jennifer Browning was the excavation director for the University of Leicester excavations at the villa and co-director, with Tom Cromwell (HE), during the Historic England excavations. She is a Project Officer at University of Leicester Archaeological Services (ULAS), with over 25 years of archaeological experience and has directed several significant and complex urban and rural excavations in the East Midlands. Her work is primarily in commercial archaeology but she also has involvement in archaeological field schools; helping to train students and volunteers and promoting archaeology to the public.

The lecture is on the 25th January, free and via Zoom. For more info and to book, please go to :

Archaeology online: excavations and discoveries at a new Roman villa in Rutland

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