New report : Prior Park Bath House 2022

Previous work in 2019, 2020 and 2021 discovered the site of a building to the north of the east wing of Prior Park Mansion (St. Peter’s today) which had been thought to have been first built as a Pineapple House before later conversion to a Bath House. Findings can be read from the reports at

The excavation of the cold bath was backfilled for safety reasons in 2021 leaving the east end of the building exposed. Further geophysics and excavation in 2022 examined the resistivity profile across the Bath House, the external features of the walls and underneath the east end floor. Finds were limited but included another batch of C18 Delft tile fragments. A separate culvert and a modern sewer pipe were also uncovered, both seen as later features unconnected to the Bath House.

At least two separate phases of Building development were found during 2022 with identification of infilling to the east end to create a higher floor level, a blocked window opening and differences in the style and mortaring of the walls. With recognition of these developments, the depth of the bath cavity excavated in 2022 is now seen to have been relatively shallow at 60cm when compared to the level of the door sill and supposed ground level shown for the Cold Bath and illustrated in the Prior Park Estate Survey Plan.

The report is now available for download.