Archaeology Online: How was Stonehenge built ? : 26 April 2023

If ever there was an old construction that prompts questions, it is Stonehenge. Who built it? Why? When? How? How is so often asked, but – at least by archaeologists – so rarely answered. For the first time in a century, Mike Pitts has rounded up old ideas and evidence and brought in the latest research, to consider the full story: how the different stones were brought to the site, how they were shaped, and how they were raised into position. When it’s done, you will never see the monument quite the same way again.

Speaker: Mike Pitts FSA is an archaeologist and writer who has worked as a museum curator and freelance editor and broadcaster (and restaurateur), fitting in occasional original research in archaeology and arts.

Mike has been engaged with Stonehenge since his first excavation there in 1979. Since when he has found remains of a beheaded man from the site in a London store, advised on visitor centre schemes and proposed alterations to the A303, co-directed the excavation of reburied human remains, featured in many TV films and written any number of articles about the stones and their place in society up to the present. His latest book, How to Build Stonehenge, follows his award-winning Digging up Britain, and Digging for Richard III: The Search for the Lost King, the only book to follow the course of that famous discovery from all sides of the debate.

The lecture is on the 26th April, free and via Zoom. For more info and to book, please go to :

Archaeology Online: How was Stonehenge built ?

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Image : Wellcome Collection