Clive Peacock Memorial Award 2023

The Clive Peacock Award goes to the nominated member who has made the most important contribution to BACAS over the past year.

John Richards gave the address at the AGM in March:
“This year’s winner has been making important contributions for several years to our fieldwork  projects. He has taken part in many BACAS projects – I counted mentions in over 30 reports, and there will be more – and must have walked hundreds of kilometres with the resistance frame. He was also Director of Operations in the recent past, and sorted out the stores and equipment at Lilliput. This year’s winner is John Knapper.”

John was unable to attend the meeting and received his award, a copy of Buried, by Alice Roberts, at a special event at the Harington Club in May.

Photo: John Knapper (right) receives his prize from Tim Lunt.

About the Clive Peacock Memorial Award

Clive was a very active member of BACAS and the Committee decided to grant, in his memory, an annual award to the nominated member who is considered to have made the most important contribution to the Society during the previous year.