Archaeology Online: The riddle of the ‘Pulborough Area’ torc : 6 March 2024

This lecture will look at the ‘Pulborough Area’ torc, which was found in Sussex in 2019. At first glance it appears Iron Age, but is it really?

Although the material, form and decoration look right, they just aren’t quite convincing as an Iron Age example of a torc. Join us for an in depth examination of the torc and a surprising – and entertaining – tale of early 20th century archaeological shenanigans with extra added ghost hunters!

Speakers: Tess Machling is an archaeological researcher and Roland Williamson is a museum replica maker. Since 2015 they have been researching Iron Age gold torcs and have published widely on the topic. The results of this research can be found on their website at

The lecture is on the 6th March at 7.30pm, free and via Zoom.

For more info and to book, please go to :

Archaeology online : The riddle of the ‘Pulborough Area’ torc

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