New report: High Common footgolf holes

In 2023 in High (Great or Upper) Common the southwestern part was redeveloped as a footgolf course. In the previous year a series of geophysics surveys had been completed across the Common. We were given the opportunity to examine the soil dug from the new footgolf holes.

High Common’s agricultural use had been continued through much of its past, including as part of the common field system of Bath, before its current recreational use. Earlier activity, including from prehistoric times, is known in the region around this work. In this investigation a small but wide ranging collection of finds was obtained from the excavated soil. The finds’ datings range across the times of use of the Common. These indications could possibly relate to past settlement in the area as well as to items coming from central Bath.

The report is now available for download.

This site is one of those being investigated by BACAS as part of the Bathscape project (supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund).