Upper Row Farm, Blacklands

The Samian Ware

Archive Report, 2001-5

Christine James

Rosemary Lewis

Phil Rowbotham

Peter Webster

Edited by:

Phil Rowbotham & Peter Webster



The samian catalogued here derives from excavations by the Bath and Camerton Archaeological Society, at Upper Row Farm, Blacklands (their site no.15303) under the direction of Jayne Lawes.

The samian was excavated over the period 2001-2005. The listing is divided by site area and stratigraphic context. All pieces which can be classed as more than a chip of samian, have been given a numeric reference number and have been reported upon in numeric sequence below. It is assumed that continuing excavations will yield more samian which will need to be added into this listing in due course. This catalogue is, therefore, designed to be used as a working archive only. Any final report will require more summary treatment of the collection and upon the identification of stratigraphically significant groups.


The Roman Villa and Area A/B

The Gatehouse and Area C