Camertonia issue 10 (1) (1963)

Officers and Committee 1963-64
Camertonia 10 Part 1 (1963) p. 1.

EditorialW J Wedlake
Camertonia 10 Part 1 (1963) p. 2.
The name change of the Society – see AGM. ‘Camertonia’ to remain unchanged. New printed cover.

Annual General Meeting 1963
Camertonia 10 Part 1 (1963) p. 2.
19th November at 2 Gay Street. Unanimous agreement to resolution ‘In view of the Camerton Excavation Club’s extended activities the title is no longer suitable and that in future it be known as “The Bath and Camerton Archaeological Society””

15th Director’s Report 1963W.J.Wedlake
Camertonia 10 Part 1 (1963) pp. 2 – 10.
‘A year of continuing and successful activity’. Excavations: Camerton Rectory; Twinhoe; Nettleton. Lectures. Excursions. Headquarters. Jumble sale. Wine & cheese party. Club representation. Camertonia. City of Bath Excavation Committee. Index of finds in the Bath neighbourhood. Bristol Archaeological Research Group. Industrial archaeology. The Camerton Excavation Club.

Treasurer’s ReportM F Jaine
Camertonia 10 Part 1 (1963) pp. 11 – 16.
Thanks to bodies who still give grants annually for the Nettleton project.

Lectures 1963-64
Camertonia 10 Part 1 (1963) p. 17.
1st October, ‘Roman Excavations in the Yeovil area’, L.G. Hayward. 3rd December, ‘Nonsuch Palace’, Martin Biddle. This last lecture was advertised for the 5th November, but could not be properly delivered because of failure of projector. Also W J Wedlake, ‘An Archaeological Tour of Denmark’. (See also p 6 and p 19). 7th January, ‘Wells Cathedral’ Dr D R Reid. 4th February,’ The Roman Villa at Fishbourne’, Barry Cunliffe. 3rd March, ‘Northolt Manor’, J.G. Hurst.

Wine and Cheese Party
Camertonia 10 Part 1 (1963) p. 17.
Held at Headquarters 7th December 1963 and attended by 40 members. Thanks to Miss Melluish.

New Members
Camertonia 10 Part 1 (1963) p. 18.

Whitsun Excursion 1964
Camertonia 10 Part 1 (1963) p. 19.
Plans for a trip to Hadrian’s Wall

Appeal – for funds for a projector
Camertonia 10 Part 1 (1963) p. 19.
Good start made at the Cheese and Wine. Donations to the Hon Treasurer (see also p 6 and p 17)

Summary of Club’s ActivitiesP. Greening
Camertonia 10 Part 1 (1963) pp. 19 – 20.
Headings of Excavation, Sorting and Classifying, Industrial Archaeology and Lectures.