Camertonia issue 10 (2) (1964)

Officers and Committee 1964-65
Camertonia 10 Part 2 (1964) p. 1.

EditorialW J Wedlake
Camertonia 10 Part 2 (1964) pp. 2 – 3.
For the first time in many years membership is below 100. Venture into Industrial Archaeology, includes Report on Industrial Archaeology Conference and future plans. The practice of Discussion Meetings has been revived. Planned excursion to N Wales and Anglesey. Note on Excavations.

Annual General Meeting 1964W J Wedlake
Camertonia 10 Part 2 (1964) p. 3.
17th November at Headquarters, 2 Gay Street, Bath. Mr M G Wood is the Organiser for Industrial Archaeology.

16th Annual Report 1964W J Wedlake
Camertonia 10 Part 2 (1964) pp. 3 – 12.
Continuing activity and success. The Committee has met on 6 occasions. Excavations: Nettleton; The Wallmead Barrow. Industrial archaeology. Headquarters. Excursions. Lectures. Camertonia. Publications. Index of finds in the Bath area. Society’s rules. Society’s representation. Provision of projector for lectures. Cheese and wine parties. Jumble sale. Volunteers for excavations. Thanks.

Treasurer’s Report 1964M F Jaine
Camertonia 10 Part 2 (1964) pp. 12 – 16.
Specific mention of City of Bath Excavation Fund and the Nancy Smith Memorial Fund.

Excursions 1964J Cooper
Camertonia 10 Part 2 (1964) p. 17.
23 August, Roman Villa at Fishbourne. Sept? Stokesay Castle and Hereford. 18 October. Pitt Rivers Museum, Cranborne Chase. Whitsun, Hadrian’s Wall. Plans for North Wales visit. Comment on problems with coach availability.

Local History & Archaeology Conference
Camertonia 10 Part 2 (1964) p. 17.
Will take place on 14th March 1965. Mortimer Wheeler to take the Chair.

Industrial Archaeology Conference
Camertonia 10 Part 2 (1964) p. 18.
22nd November 1964 at the YMCA, Bath. Full programme shown here. Papers presented were: ‘Work in the Nettlebridge Valley’, Robin Atthill, ‘A Dozen Parishes’, Mr H.M. Porter, ‘The Brewing Industry’, Mr R Wilcox, ‘ Early Coal Mining at Radstock’, Mr R K Bluhm, ‘Work in the Stroud Valley’, Mr W F J Walrond, ‘Englishcombe and Southstoke’, Miss W Read, ‘The Somerset Coal Canal’, Mr A Gunstone, ‘Several Villages’, Mr A H Parsons. Display of photographs and drawings provided by lecturers. Mr Austin Wookey of East Harptree showed old agricultural and craft implements. Organiser Mr M G Wood. Similar Conference to be held March or April 1965.

Lectures 1964-65
Camertonia 10 Part 2 (1964) p. 19.
6th October, ‘Excavations at the Treasury & No 10 Downing Street’, H.Green. 3rd November, ‘An Archaeological Tour of Western Europe’, W.J. Wedlake. 1st December, ‘The Roman Villa at Frocester Court, Glos., Instructor-Capt H.S Gracie. 5th January, ‘The Wallmead Barrow’, W.J.Wedlake. 2nd February, ‘Roman Villas nr Francerlise, Campania’, Mrs M A Cotton. 2nd March, ‘The Churches of Bristol’, Miss E Ralph.

Discussion Meetings 1964-65
Camertonia 10 Part 2 (1964) pp. 19 – 20.
To be held at Headquarters, 2 Gay Street. 27th October, ‘Geology of the Bath Area’, A D’Eath. 10th November, ‘Ancient Pottery Kilns’, R Wilcox. 28th November, ‘Bibliographies and how to use them’, R.K. Bluhm. 8th December, ‘Early Christianity in Britain’, Miss J Cooper. 15th December, Quiz night. 26th January. ”Instrumentation in Archaeology’, E Richardson. 9th February, ‘Some Wiltshire Churches’, Miss J Cook. 23rd February, ‘Hadrian’s Wall’, W.J.Wedlake. 23rd March, ‘English Gothic Architecture’ Miss P Dickin. 6th April ‘The Beaker Folk’, P.J. Greening.

New Members
Camertonia 10 Part 2 (1964) p. 20.