Camertonia issue 11 (1) (1965)

Officers and Committee 1965-66
Camertonia 11 Part 1 (1965) p. 1.

Annual General Meeting 1965W J Wedlake
Camertonia 11 Part 1 (1965) p. 2.
16th November at the Society’s Headquarters, 2 Gay Street, Bath.

The 17th Annual Report, 1965W J Wedlake
Camertonia 11 Part 1 (1965) pp. 2 – 8.
A year of continuing success. Mention of Nancy Smith Memorial Fund. On site, much time spent on backfilling. Paying for this to be done would free members for more fruitful occupations. Death of Sir Ian Richmond. Three members have found ‘the time to get themselves married…’ Congratulations to Austin De-Ath, Michael Owen and John Maddacott. Excavations: Nettleton Scrub; Camerton; Wallmead, Timsbury; Southstoke. Industrial archaeology. Excursions. Lectures. Conference on Local History and Archaeology. Publications. Headquarters. Camertonia. Society’s rules. Society’s representation. Volunteers for excavations. Bath Museum. Thanks.

Treasurer’s Report 1965M F Jaine
Camertonia 11 Part 1 (1965) pp. 9 – 13.
Continuing thanks to Carnegie Trust U.K.and the Trustees of the Haverfield Bequest for their support. Thanks to Miss Lloyd for continuing to pay the rates for H.Q.

Hon. Excursions Secretary’s ReportJ Cooper
Camertonia 11 Part 1 (1965) p. 14.
Details: 28th March, Various local sites including Somerset Coal Canal at Combe Hay, Priston Mill and Priddy. 16th May, the Roman Villa at Lullingstone cancelled. Replaced by trip to Exmoor, including Stogumber, Monksilver, Nettlecombe, Cleeve Abbey and Selworthy. 4th July, Forest of Dean including Lydney, Tintern Abbey and Skenfrith Castle. 19th September, Avebury, Windmill Hill, West Kennet Long Barrow and Stonehenge. Proposed trip to North Wales and Anglesey cancelled for lack of support. Overall numbers down, reflected in profits.

Local History & Archaeology Conference
Camertonia 11 Part 1 (1965) p. 15.
14th March at the Y.M.C.A. Papers included W.Wedlake ‘ BACAS 1946-65’, Prof E Tratman ‘Excavations at Little Solsbury Hill Camp’, B Cunliffe ‘Excavations at Bath 1963-65’, P. Greening, ‘St Werburga’s by Bath’, P Rahtz, ‘Medieval Sites South of Bath’, E Mason, ‘Keynsham Abbey’, M Kelly ‘Recent Work of the Downside School Archaeological Society’, R Dunning, ‘Members of Parliament for Bath in the later Middle Ages’, M Owen, ‘Post-Medieval Pottery in Bath’, J Gardner, ‘Excavations at Lansdown’, J Hancock, ‘Air photography and archaeology’. Short versions of these papers to be published as a pamphlet entitled ‘ A North Somerset Miscellany’. Order form enclosed.

Lectures 1965-66
Camertonia 11 Part 1 (1965) p. 16.
In the Hall of the Old Technical College. 1965. 5th October, Ralegh Radford, ‘ Bath and the pre-Conquest Church in the South West’. 2nd November, Dr I Smith, ‘Windmill Hill and Avebury’. 7th December, W Wedlake ‘An archaeological tour in Tuscany’. 1966. 4th January, M Hebditch ‘Roman Leicester’. 1st February, K Painter, ‘The Roman Villa at Hinton St Mary, Dorset’. 1st March, W Wedlake, ‘Wallmead Barrow II’ and P Greening ‘Medieval Churches of Bath’.

New members
Camertonia 11 Part 1 (1965) pp. 17 – 20.