Camertonia issue 11 (2) (1966)

Front Cover
Camertonia 11 Part 2 (1966)
The Seal Logo. See Camertonia No 10 Pt 1.

Officers and Committee 1966-67
Camertonia 11 Part 2 (1966) p. 1.

Annual General Meeting 1966W J Wedlake
Camertonia 11 Part 2 (1966) p. 2.
15th November at Bath Technical College. New Rules agreed – see p 16-19

BACAS 18th Annual ReportW J Wedlake
Camertonia 11 Part 2 (1966) pp. 2 – 3.
Continued progress. Cessation of grant from Carnegie United Kingdom Trust. Comment on cost of re-conditioning the site at Wallmead. Largest contribution to success the efforts of members and volunteers, “let us now praise the sloggers and toilers in our Society, for without them we would soon revert to the old Victorian concept”. Bill Wedlake writes of first visit to Nettleton to buy the site huts left by Mr W C Priestley. “Over the door of the larger hut were the words NIL SINE LABORE – nothing without work. It would make a fine motto for this Society”.

Wallmead, TimsburyW J Wedlake
Camertonia 11 Part 2 (1966) pp. 3 – 4.
Third season. Skinners observations on interments correct. As a result, area to the east of first barrow examined. Revealed two large barrows and a series of cremated burials in stone cysts. Detailed Report on the excavation of Barrow 2, with report on finds including Snowshill-Camerton type dagger. Detailed Report also on Barrow 3, which has different construction to Barrow 2. Includes description of finds.

NettletonW J Wedlake
Camertonia 11 Part 2 (1966) pp. 4 – 5.
Excavation in southern part “continues to produce surprises”. Examination of eastern slope reported in detail.

Camertonia 11 Part 2 (1966) pp. 5 – 6.
Continuing small demand for the ‘Camerton Report’. New publication ‘A North Somerset Miscellany’ – steady sale. Thanks to Mr Bluhm. Work towards publication on Nettleton.

Excursions 1966
Camertonia 11 Part 2 (1966) p. 6.
Not supported as well as they might have been. Arranged by Miss Cooper.

Lectures, 1966-67
Camertonia 11 Part 2 (1966) p. 6.
Thanks to Secretary Mr P Greening for lecture programme.

Industrial Archaeology
Camertonia 11 Part 2 (1966) p. 6.
The enthusiasm of two years ago has dissipated. Another meeting in the near future. Thanks to Mr Max Wood.

Representations and Affiliations
Camertonia 11 Part 2 (1966) p. 7.
Continued representation by the Society

Camertonia 11 Part 2 (1966) p. 7.
New set of Rules to govern the activities of the Society, following changes from its inception and change of name. Rule governing appointment of Trustees approved at 1965 AGM. Now, following legal advice, signed by the four Trustees.

Camertonia 11 Part 2 (1966) p. 7.
Meetings continue on Tuesday evenings. Ongoing work on plaster and pottery restoration. H.Q. cleaned and re-painted. Thanks again to Miss Lloyd for payment of the Rates.

Future Work
Camertonia 11 Part 2 (1966) p. 8.
Importance of plans for future development. No scarcity of sites in the Bath area. Suggestion for a new History of Bath and its environs. Mention here of Warner and Scarth book and VCH.

Ordnance Survey
Camertonia 11 Part 2 (1966) p. 8.
The Archaeological Branch of the Survey. Recent review of sites in Bath and around assisted by Bill Wedlake. Will be incorporated into future maps of the City and North Somerset. Members urged to report fresh evidence so that they can be entered on these sheets.

Antiquities of the City
Camertonia 11 Part 2 (1966) pp. 8 – 9.
The priceless head of Minerva has been stolen from the Roman Baths. Not the first time there have been thefts from the Museum. ‘Some years ago this Society decided the Museum was unsuitable to house the antiquities from Camerton, not only because of apparent easy means of access, but also because the continuous damp steam is not conducive to preservation of antiquities’.

Camertonia 11 Part 2 (1966) p. 9.
To the President for his continued interest, the Vice Presidents, Committee Members (by name) and ‘all those who have in their various ways contributed to the continuing success of our Society’.

Obituary. Alderman Dix.
Camertonia 11 Part 2 (1966) pp. 9 – 10.

Treasurer’s Report 1966M F Jaine
Camertonia 11 Part 2 (1966) pp. 10 – 14.
Slight increases in the balances on the Nancy Smith Memorial Fund, the City of Bath Excavation Fund and the Publications Account. Thanks to British Academy for contributing again to the work at Nettleton and to members who have made donations. Thanks to Miss S Lloyd for continuing to pay Rates on the Headquarters

Camertonia 11 Part 2 (1966) p. 15.
Conference on Local History and Archaeology held at YMCA, Broad Street on 24th April 1966. Papers were: W.Wedlake ‘Some Archaeological Recollections’. Dr R Dunning, ‘The Hyle Cartulary’. Rev J Barker, ‘Priston from pre-historic times’. A Gunstone, ‘The Date of the Three Shire Stones at Colerne’. Dr R Reid, ‘Witham Priory’. R Bluhm, ‘The Radstock Tramroad and William Ashman’s locomotive’. A Keen, ‘The Paulton Foundry’.

Camertonia 11 Part 2 (1966) p. 15.
Successful conference on Local History and Archaeology held in April. Similar conference suggested for 1967. Thanks Mrs Hilliard and lady helpers for tea.

Lectures 1966-67
Camertonia 11 Part 2 (1966) p. 15.
1966, 4th October, Very Rev D Harrison, ‘Bristol Cathedral’. 1st November, P.Parr, ‘Petra and the Nabataeans’. 6th December, ‘J MacQueen, ‘Hittites and Arzawans’. 1967. 24th January, W.Wedlake, ‘Some Roman and Medieval Sites in Western France and Spain’. 7th February, De F Wallis, ‘No-man’s land between Geology and Archaeology’. 7th March, Professor C Hawkes and Mrs Sonia Hawkes, ‘The Saxons and the West; from Aelle to Ine’.

Camertonia 11 Part 2 (1966) pp. 16 – 19.
Full statement of the new Rules of the Society.