Camertonia issue 12 (1) (1967)

Officers and Committee
Camertonia 12 Part 1 (1967) p. 1.

Annual General Meeting 1967W J Wedlake
Camertonia 12 Part 1 (1967) p. 2.
Held at Bath Technical College (old building) on 28th November.

BACAS 20th Annual Report 1966-67W J Wedlake
Camertonia 12 Part 1 (1967) pp. 2 – 8.
Steady progress. Appeal again for volunteers on field excavations. Excavations at Nettleton. Headquarters. Lectures. Excursions. Conferences. Industrial Archaeology. The Nettleton Report. The Nettleton Lecture and Party. Society’s tie. Jumble sale. Cheese and wine party. Publications. City of Bath Archives. Abbey Churchyard development. Future Bath development projects. Thanks.

Hon Treasurer’s ReportM F Jaine
Camertonia 12 Part 1 (1967) pp. 9 – 13.
Mention of the Nancy Smith Memorial Fund, the Publication Fund and the City of Bath Excavation Fund. Thanks to Miss Lloyd for the payment of the rates on the Headquarters.

Excursions 1967J M Cooper
Camertonia 12 Part 1 (1967) p. 14.
Five excursions in the summer. Those where excavations are going on are the most popular, such as South Cadbury. Two trips to Wales, where the Severn Bridge makes it possible to reach places further affield than before. Visits included Cardiff Castle, the Welsh Folk Museum at St Fagan’s, Llandaff Cathedral, Caerleon, Caerwent and Margam Abbey. Also Dyrham House, Malmesbury and North Cadbury, Clevedon Court and Worlebury Hill Fort.

Conference on Local History and Archaeology
Camertonia 12 Part 1 (1967) p. 15.
29th October at YMCA. The following papers were read: W Wedlake, ‘The Romano-British farmstead at Priston, Somerset’ and ‘Roman Burials at Sion Hill, Bath’. Miss S Gerloff ‘The Camerton-Wallmead barrow of the Wessex culture and its continental connections’. Mr P Greening ‘Aspects of Medieval Bath’. V Kite, ‘The Circulating Libraries of 18th Century Bath’. L Grinsell ‘The Bath Mint’. R Bluhm ‘The Batheaston Coal and Mining Company’. J Hancock, ‘Wansdyke and other local sites from the air’.

Lectures 1967-68
Camertonia 12 Part 1 (1967) pp. 15 – 16.
1967. 3rd October, F Annable ‘The East Wansdyke and its archaeological setting’, 7th November, W Wedlake, ‘The Shrine of Apollo at Nettleton Shrub’. 5th December, P Fowler, ‘Agrarian Archaeology’. 1968. 16th January, W Wedlake, ‘Lesser known Roman and other sites in France and Spain’. 6th February, C Stevens, ‘Roman Agriculture and Roman Villas in Somerset’. 5th March, Prof B Cunliffe, ‘Recent Excavations at Bath’.