Camertonia issue 12 (2) (1968)

Officers and Committee 1968 – 1969
Camertonia 12 Part 2 (1968) p. 1.

The Nettleton Report
Camertonia 12 Part 2 (1968) p. 6.
Hoped that this will be ready for publication this year. Sir Mortimer Wheeler has stressed the importance of the work being adequately recorded. Short piece here on the history of the site.

Hon Treasurer’s ReportR.K. Bluhm
Camertonia 12 Part 2 (1968) pp. 6 – 11.
Full Report here under three separate headings: Income and Expenditure, Publications income and expenditure and Funds and Investments.

Excursions 1968J.M. Cooper
Camertonia 12 Part 2 (1968) p. 12.
Disappointing year perhaps as the result of so many more people being car owners. Two only excursions arranged. April, to Dartmoor and Exeter Cathedral, various Iron Age sites and Lydford Castle. In June outing was to the Malverns, including Tewkesbury, Pershore Abbey, Malvern Abbey and British Camp.

Conferences 1968
Camertonia 12 Part 2 (1968) pp. 12 – 13.
Two conferences on local history and artchaeology were held this year.

Lectures 1968-1969
Camertonia 12 Part 2 (1968) pp. 13 – 14.
1968. 1st October, Dr Stutchbury ‘The Georgian Palladians’. 5th November, W Wedlake, ‘Excavations at Nettleton – a further report’. 3rd December, N Cossons, ‘The Industrial Archaeology of Bristol’. 1969, 14th January, H Bowen, ‘An Experiment in early Iron Age Agriculture’. 4th February, Mrs E Fowler, ‘Late and post-Roman metalwork’. 4th March, Mr P Greening, ‘The Medieval Religious Houses of Somerset’.

New Members 1967-68
Camertonia 12 Part 2 (1968) pp. 14 – 15.

Camertonia 12 Part 2 (1968) p. 15.
Two publications, ‘Excavations at Camerton’ £1.10s and ‘A North Somerset Miscellany’ 3s 6d, can be ordered by post.

Camertonia 12 Part 2 (1968) p. 15.
Hon Treasurer will be happy to send forms to any member who would prefer to pay by Standing Order.