Camertonia issue 13 (1) (1969)

Officers and Committee 1969
Camertonia 13 Part 1 (1969) p. 1.

Annual General Meeting 1969W J Wedlake
Camertonia 13 Part 1 (1969) p. 2.
Held at 2 Gay Street, Bath on 25th November 1969.

Director’s Annual Report 1968-69W J Wedlake
Camertonia 13 Part 1 (1969) pp. 2 – 5.
Continued activity. Membership steady. Financial position good. Field activities: Nettleton; M4 motorway; other sites; the industrial survey. Headquarters. Lectures. Conferences. Excursions. Kingsmead Square. Representation. Nettleton report. Camertonia. Thanks.

Hon Treasurer’s Annual Report 1968-69R.K.Bluhm
Camertonia 13 Part 1 (1969) pp. 6 – 11.
Not a particularly good year financially. Balance on different Funds shown separately.

Excursions 1969J.M.Cooper
Camertonia 13 Part 1 (1969) p. 12.
Reports here on the visits to the Roman Palace at Fishbourne and Winchester, with Old Sarum and Ludgershall.

Lectures 1969-70
Camertonia 13 Part 1 (1969) p. 13.
1969. 7th October, E Kelting, ‘The rivers and sea walls of Somerset’. 4th November, K Rogers, ‘Old and New towns in Wiltshire’. 2nd December, W Wedlake, ‘An Archaeological tour in Southern Germany’. 1970. 13th January, Dr K Brannigan, ‘The Dawn of the Minoan Civilisation’. 3rd February, Mrs M Guido, ‘Iron Age and Roman Glass Beads’. 3rd March, P Greening, ‘The 18th Century Pleasure Gardens of Bath’.

Conferences 1969
Camertonia 13 Part 1 (1969) p. 13.
1. On Local History and Archaeology 23rd March 1969. Papers given; W Wedlake, The Rev John Skinner’s visit to France’. B Bryant, ‘The Municipal Records of Bath; a report on recent work’. P Greening, ‘The Bathampton Effigy’. V Kite, ‘John Curry, a Bath overseer of the Poor’. 2. Annual Meeting of Societies affiliated to the Somerset Archaeology Society, Friends Meeting House on 27th September 1969. Papers; W Wedlake, ‘The Roman pewter industry in the Cotswold/Mendip Region’. P Greening, ‘Medieval Bath’. R Bluhm, ‘The Somerset Coalfield in the early 19th century’. G Boon, ‘The fortress baths at Caerleon’.

New Members 1968-69
Camertonia 13 Part 1 (1969) pp. 14 – 15.

Camertonia 13 Part 1 (1969) p. 15.
Members reminded that the ‘Excavations at Camerton’ and ‘ A North Somerset Miscellany’ can be ordered by post or purchased at any lecture or conference.

Camertonia 13 Part 1 (1969) p. 15.
Hon Treasurer will be pleased to send forms for payment by Bankers Order.