Camertonia issue 14 (1) (1971)

Officers and Committee 1969-70
Camertonia 14 Part 1 (1971) p. 1.

Annual General Meeting 1971W J Wedlake
Camertonia 14 Part 1 (1971) p. 2.
Held at 2 Gay Street on 30th November. Mrs Kathleen Hall has replaced Mr R K Bluhm as Treasurer.

Director’s Annual Report 1970-1971W J Wedlake
Camertonia 14 Part 1 (1971) pp. 2 – 3.
Membership well maintained. Subs remain at 75p (15/-) p.a. Winter lectures well attended, but costs have increased. A successful Conference on Local History held in the Spring. Similar event to be held next year. Xmas party held at home of Dr and Mrs Hilliard at Batheaston House. A similar event is arranged for December 4th. An enjoyable excursion to Devon and Cornwall was held in early summer. Plans for similar outing, to Kent, in the summer of 1972.

Excavations 1971W J Wedlake
Camertonia 14 Part 1 (1971) p. 3.
Only a little work on the Paulton Villa this season. Hope to resume field work in the Spring.

PublicationsW J Wedlake
Camertonia 14 Part 1 (1971) p. 3.
The ‘Second North Somerset Miscellany’ has been published and well received, but costs were heavy. Several more copies of The Camerton Report have been sold. Work continues on the preparation of the Nettleton Report which involves two sets of illustrations. Ready for publication apart from one or two specialist reports and some unexpected information from Dr D B Corbyn (an assistant at Mr Priestley’s excavation on the north side of the river).

The Camerton CollectionW J Wedlake
Camertonia 14 Part 1 (1971) p. 4.
Thought being given to the site for these finds. Re-iteration of need for a suitable museum in Bath.

The Nettleton CollectionW J Wedlake
Camertonia 14 Part 1 (1971) p. 4.
Many of the finds now at the Bristol City Museum, in the new Romano-British gallery. The collection has been presented by the Duke of Beaufort.

Bath ExcavationsW J Wedlake
Camertonia 14 Part 1 (1971) p. 5.
Attempting to oversee the sites that have been cleared. Feel there is a lack of co-operation between this Society and the City of Bath Excavation Committee. Prof. Barry Cunliffe will meet us before Xmas to discuss the situation. Especial concern over the Walcot Street area and the Southgate Street development.

Other mattersW J Wedlake
Camertonia 14 Part 1 (1971) p. 5.
Society represented at meetings of the Bath Museums Advisory Committee, The Somerset Archaeology Society, the Bristol Archaeological Research Group and the International Archaeological Congress in Belgrade. Thanks to Miss Lloyd for paying Rates on HQ. Thanks to all the Officers of the Society. Treasurer does not wish to continue after this year. Mr Richardson is ill; our good wishes to him. Thanks to Miss Joyce Metcalf and Mr Dennis Brown both of whom have left the district.

Parish SurveysW J Wedlake
Camertonia 14 Part 1 (1971) p. 5.
Proposal to organise surveys of existing records, earthworks, sites of industrial interest, churches, chapels etc. in the parishes around Bath. Details of previous acheivements in this area and a decision to work as a group rather than delegate parishes to individuals.

Hon Treasurer’s Annual Report 1970-71R.K Bluhm
Camertonia 14 Part 1 (1971) pp. 6 – 13.
Detailed Accounts. Thanks to Miss Lloyd for continuing to pay Rates on HQ.

Excursions 1971W J Wedlake
Camertonia 14 Part 1 (1971) p. 14.
Again a limited number. The two outings were poorly attended. Early May trip to Goodrich Castle, Symond’s Yat and Skenfrith Castle. In June an excursion to Kilpeck Church, Hereford Cathedral and Ludlow. Weekend in Devon and Cornwall very successful, including vists to Buckfast Abbey, Lands End, Lostwithial Castle, Castle Dore, Truro Museum, Lanyon’s Quoit, Chyauster and Tintagel.

Lectures 1971 – 72W J Wedlake
Camertonia 14 Part 1 (1971) p. 15.
1971. 5th October, F Annable, ‘The Saxon Cemetery at Pewsey, Wilts’. 2nd November, K Gardner, ‘The Archaeology of Lundy Island’. 7th December, D Dawson, ‘Marine Archaeology’. 1972. 11th January, K Rogers, ‘Wiltshire and Somersetshire Woollen Mills’. 1st February, W Wedlake, ‘Dalmatia’. 7th March, P Greening, ‘Early Christianity in Britain and the Continental Background’.

Conference on Local History and ArchaeologyW J Wedlake
Camertonia 14 Part 1 (1971) p. 16.
Held at 9A Gay Street on 18th April 1971. Papers read; W Wedlake, The Tunley Cromlech’. P Greening, ‘St Dunstan and King Edgar’s Coronation at Bath’. V Gray, ‘The Battle of Lansdown’ and P Coard, ‘Vanishing Bath’.