Camertonia issue 15 (1) (1974)

Officers and Committee 1973-74
Camertonia 15 Part 1 (1974) p. 1.

Annual General Meeting 1973W J Wedlake
Camertonia 15 Part 1 (1974) p. 2.
At 2 Gay Street on 27th November. Mrs Hilliard and Mr Richardson elected Vice-Presidents of the Society.

Director’s Annual Report for 1973W J Wedlake
Camertonia 15 Part 1 (1974) p. 2.
Society about to reach the 25th anniversary of its foundation. Membership about 100. Committee thanked members for accepting the increase in subscription charges.

Lectures 1973-74W J Wedlake
Camertonia 15 Part 1 (1974) p. 2.
Thanks to Secretary for arranging winter lectures and the Spring Conference. Both well attended. Similar Spring Conference to be held in 1974. (see page 12 )

Excursions 1974W J Wedlake
Camertonia 15 Part 1 (1974) pp. 2 – 3.
Weekend in North Wales and Anglesey well attended. Also trip to Ironbridge and Wroxeter. Thanks to Miss Cooper. Proposal for a weekend trip to Cambridge and other sites in that area.

Camertonia 15 Part 1 (1974) pp. 3 – 4.
Shortage of volunteers has led to no excavation this session. Now a national problem – possibly because of the practice which has arisen of volunteers being required to pay. Nettleton Report being processed through the Society of Antiquaries. It will be a important contribution to the national Romano-British knowledge. Thanks to Sir Mortimer Wheeler who has been intrumental in this. Not necessary to raise the money by subscription, but donations would be very useful.

Avon Archaeological Council
Camertonia 15 Part 1 (1974) p. 4.
Chairman attended initial meeting to set up suitable organisation for the new County of Avon. Constitution done. Members to be elected in the New Year.

Parish Surveys
Camertonia 15 Part 1 (1974) pp. 4 – 5.
Start has been made in Priston, with visits to the library and the village. Any assistance welcome.

Christmas Party
Camertonia 15 Part 1 (1974) p. 5.
Thanks again to the hospitality of Dr and Mrs Hilliard at their home at Batheaston.

Camertonia 15 Part 1 (1974) p. 5.
This Society has been at the meetings of the CBA., the Bath Preservation Trust, the Bath Museums Committee, the Somerset Archaeological Society and British Archaeologial Research Group.

Camertonia 15 Part 1 (1974) p. 5.
Chairman has a grant from the Maltwood Trust (for the second year) for research into that part of the Skinner MSS in the British Museum concerning antiquities from the County of Somerset.

Somerset Record Society
Camertonia 15 Part 1 (1974) p. 5.
The Record Society in Bath for its Annual Meeting. Lecture on the Charters of St John’s Hospital was followed by a visit there. Excellent tea provided by the Record Society.

Camertonia 15 Part 1 (1974) pp. 5 – 6.
Mr Eric Richardson to leave the Committee. Thanks for his dedicated work over a number of years on the painted plaster and the model of the Nettleton shrine. Also his report on the human remains at Nettleton.

Camerton Exhibition
Camertonia 15 Part 1 (1974) p. 6.
Proposal for an exhibition in the summer of 1974 on the various finds from Camerton RB settlement, a small Skinner exhibit and other aspects of the past of the village. The church and parsh councils have expressed their interest.

The Treasurership
Camertonia 15 Part 1 (1974) p. 6.
Mrs Hall has said that she has been advised to curtail her activities – has intimated she will not be able to continue as Treasurer.

Obituaries. Mr Harold Moore. Dr Bertram Crook. Colonel Botting. See also p 14
Camertonia 15 Part 1 (1974) pp. 6 – 7.

Camertonia 15 Part 1 (1974) p. 7.
Thanks to all the Committee especially Miss Melluish for paying the Rates on the HQ.

Hon Treasurer’s ReportKathleen Hall
Camertonia 15 Part 1 (1974) pp. 8 – 10.
Separate income and expenditure accounts.

Hon Excursions Secretary’s Report 1973
Camertonia 15 Part 1 (1974) p. 11.
In May, a weekend in Anglesey. ‘In spite of record rainfall’, visits included Bryn-Celli-Dhu, Barclodiady Gawres, Penmon Priory, Beaumaris Castle, Bangor and Bettws-y-Coad. In July, a day in the Roman excavations at Wroxeter, with the museum and bridge at Ironbridge and the mosaic and Woodchester.

Lectures 1973-4
Camertonia 15 Part 1 (1974) p. 12.
1973. 2nd October, Dr J Taylor, ‘Middle Bronze Age Gold Work’. 6th November, Prof E Tratman, ‘Hunters and Food Gatherers in Somerset’. 4 December, Dr R Dunning, ‘The Victoria History of Somerset and its predecessors’. 1974. 15 January, F Kelly, ‘Romanesque Sculpture and the Capitals in Bath Abbey’. This last lecture was cancelled due to the restrictions imposed on the use of electricity. (The 3 Day Week?). 5 February, W Wedlake, ‘Recollections of a Somerset Archaeologist’. 5 March, P Greening, ‘Bath – past, present and future’.

Conferences on Local History & Archaeology
Camertonia 15 Part 1 (1974) p. 13.
At 9A York Street, 25th March 1973. Papers read: R Bluhm, ‘The Architecture of Dissent in Wiltshire’. W Wedlake, ‘Excavations at Shepton Mallet’. V Chamberlain, ‘The Moorlands Brick and Tile Works’. H. Hall, ‘Anatomy for the Archaeologist’. W Ford, ‘Excavations on Anglo-Saxon sites in the Middle Avon Valley’.

Obituaries. Mr R Scott and Mrs Kathleen Hall
Camertonia 15 Part 1 (1974) p. 14.
For Mrs Hall see also Camertonia 15 Part II page 6. (see also p 6/7)