Camertonia issue 15 (1) (1974)

Officers and Committee 1973-74
Camertonia 15 Part 1 (1974) p. 1.

Annual General Meeting 1973W J Wedlake
Camertonia 15 Part 1 (1974) p. 2.
At 2 Gay Street on 27th November. Mrs Hilliard and Mr Richardson elected Vice-Presidents of the Society.

Director’s Annual Report for 1973W J Wedlake
Camertonia 15 Part 1 (1974) pp. 2 – 7.
Society about to reach the 25th anniversary of its foundation. Membership about 100. Committee thanked members for accepting the increase in subscription charges. Lectures. Excursions. Excavations: shortage of volunteers has led to no excavation this session. Now a national problem – possibly because of the practice which has arisen of volunteers being required to pay. Nettleton Report being processed through the Society of Antiquaries. It will be a important contribution to the national Romano-British knowledge Avon Archaeological Council. Parish surveys. Research. Somerset Record Society. Representation. Christmas Party. Committee. The Treasurership. Camerton exhibition. Obituary: Harold Moore; Dr Betram Crook; Col. Botting.

Hon Treasurer’s ReportKathleen Hall
Camertonia 15 Part 1 (1974) pp. 8 – 10.
Separate income and expenditure accounts.

Hon Excursions Secretary’s Report 1973
Camertonia 15 Part 1 (1974) p. 11.
In May, a weekend in Anglesey. ‘In spite of record rainfall’, visits included Bryn-Celli-Dhu, Barclodiady Gawres, Penmon Priory, Beaumaris Castle, Bangor and Bettws-y-Coad. In July, a day in the Roman excavations at Wroxeter, with the museum and bridge at Ironbridge and the mosaic and Woodchester.

Lectures 1973-4
Camertonia 15 Part 1 (1974) p. 12.
1973. 2nd October, Dr J Taylor, ‘Middle Bronze Age Gold Work’. 6th November, Prof E Tratman, ‘Hunters and Food Gatherers in Somerset’. 4 December, Dr R Dunning, ‘The Victoria History of Somerset and its predecessors’. 1974. 15 January, F Kelly, ‘Romanesque Sculpture and the Capitals in Bath Abbey’. This last lecture was cancelled due to the restrictions imposed on the use of electricity. (The 3 Day Week?). 5 February, W Wedlake, ‘Recollections of a Somerset Archaeologist’. 5 March, P Greening, ‘Bath – past, present and future’.

Conferences on Local History & Archaeology
Camertonia 15 Part 1 (1974) p. 13.
At 9A York Street, 25th March 1973. Papers read: R Bluhm, ‘The Architecture of Dissent in Wiltshire’. W Wedlake, ‘Excavations at Shepton Mallet’. V Chamberlain, ‘The Moorlands Brick and Tile Works’. H. Hall, ‘Anatomy for the Archaeologist’. W Ford, ‘Excavations on Anglo-Saxon sites in the Middle Avon Valley’.

Obituaries. Mr R Scott and Mrs Kathleen Hall
Camertonia 15 Part 1 (1974) p. 14.
For Mrs Hall see also Camertonia 15 Part II page 6. (see also p 6/7)