Camertonia issue 15 (2) (1975)

Camertonia 15 Part 2 (1975)
Regret for delay in publication, and subscriptions reminder.

Officers and Committee 1974-75
Camertonia 15 Part 2 (1975) p. 1.

Annual General Meeting 1974W J Wedlake
Camertonia 15 Part 2 (1975) p. 2.
At Headquarters, 2 Gay Street on 24th November. Mr Arthur Selway has become Editor of Camertonia in place of Robin Bluhm. Mr John MacDonald has taken over from Miss J Cooper as Excursion Secretary

Director’s Annual Report 1974W J Wedlake
Camertonia 15 Part 2 (1975) pp. 2 – 6.
Membership total 82. Past year a difficult one for many Societies. BACAS still in sound financial situation. Lectures. Excursions. Excavations. Publications. Parish surveys. Research. Representation. Christmas party. The treasurership. Skinner manuscript. Editorship. Obituaries: Mrs Kathleen Hall; Mr Andre Roos. Thanks.

Excursions 1974J Cooper
Camertonia 15 Part 2 (1975) p. 7.
Three trips this summer. Each was by minibus and car as the cost of hiring a coach becomes prohibitive unless it is filled. Cambridge and Ely for a weekend. Ilchester, Dorchester and Maiden Castle in June. Crofton Beam engine on the Kennet and Avon Canal. The profit on the weekend in Cambridgeshire was 80p.

Lectures 1974-75
Camertonia 15 Part 2 (1975) p. 8.
1974. 1 October, C Heighway, ‘Recent Excavations in Gloucester’. 5 November, P. Stevens, ‘The Archaeology of Waterways’. 3 December, I Collis, ‘The Functioning of the Somerset Record Office’. 1975. 14 January. R Leach, ‘Romano-British Settlement in the Parrett Valley’. 4 February, D Dawson, ‘The Development of Medieval Bristol’. 4 March, W Wedlake, ‘Excavations at Camerton – A re-appraisal’.

Spring Conference
Camertonia 15 Part 2 (1975) p. 9.
The Spring Conference on subjects of local interest will on 20th April at 9A York Street. Tickets, to include tea, will be 50p.

Visits to local archaeological sites in the Bath neighbourhood.
Camertonia 15 Part 2 (1975) p. 9.
These will be on Saturdays, starting from 61 Pulteney Street at 10.30a.m. First visit will be on 22nd March. Volunteers needed to assist with excavations.

Conference on Local History and Archaeology
Camertonia 15 Part 2 (1975) p. 10.
At the Youth and Community Service Centre, 9A York Street on 3rd March 1974. Papers read: W Wedlake, ‘The Saxon Cemetery at Camerton’. R Bluhm, ”Local Newspapers and Local History’. P Greening, ‘Archaeology in Towns’. F Kelly, ‘Romanesque Sculpture and the Capitals in Bath Abbey’.

Financial Statement 1974W.J. Wedlake
Camertonia 15 Part 2 (1975) p. 11.
Short statement on finances at the time of the last AGM. Presently no Treasurer, hence not a full report.

Excursion Programme 1975
Camertonia 15 Part 2 (1975)
List of excursions and booking form.

Conference on Local History and Archaeology
Camertonia 15 Part 2 (1975)
Programme, 1975.