Camertonia issue 16 (1) (1976)

Officers and Committee 1975-76
Camertonia 16 Part 1 (1976) p. 1.
Officers and Committee 1975-76

From a 13th Century Manuscript
Camertonia 16 Part 1 (1976) p. 2.
In April and May, when the fields and the hedges grow green again, and every living thing recovers its power, its beauty and its strength, the hills and its valleys echo to the sweet birdie’s songs, and the hearts of all men leap with joy for the beauty of the time and season. Then, too, should we remember the adventures and doughty deeds of men of old, our ancestors, who laboured loyally in quest of honour. Their lives may be a lesson to us’.

Director’s Annual Report for 1975W.J Wedlake
Camertonia 16 Part 1 (1976) pp. 3 – 7.
Difficult year for many small societies. Some members have not renewed their subscriptions. Coincides with an unusually large number of members moving out of the district. However, welcome to new members. Finances remain stable. The Treasurership. Excursions. Excavations. Publications. The Nettleton Report. Parish Survey: Priston. Research. Representation. Lectures. Christmas Party. Skinner MSS. Headquarters. Auditor. Camertonia. Thanks.

Excursions Secretary’s Report 1975J MacDonald
Camertonia 16 Part 1 (1976) pp. 7 – 8.
Six excursions this year. 16th March, Cirencester, Nympsfield and Uley. 22nd April, the Bristol Museum cellars. End of May week-end in SW Wales. July, Cricklade. August, the Cirencester excavations and September, Wells Museum. Joined in the afternoon, on this last, by members of the Somerset Archaeological Society for a tour of the excavation by Dr John Coles. Thanks to all Curators and Excavators who so freely gave up their time.

Lectures 1975-76P J Greening
Camertonia 16 Part 1 (1976) p. 8.
7th October, A Crozier Cole, ‘St John’s Hospital’. 4th November, Sir John Knill, ‘Kennet and Avon Canal’. 25th November, AGM., 2nd December, K Annable, ‘The Origins and Purpose of Wansdyke’. 1976. 13th January, J Haslam, ‘Excavations at Cricklade’. 3rd February, W Wedlake, ‘Prehistoric Excavations in Southern Britain and Northern France’. 2nd March, P Greening, ‘The 18th century Pleasure Gardens of Bath’.

Conference on Local History and Archaeology
Camertonia 16 Part 1 (1976) p. 9.
On 20th April 1975. Papers read: M Messer ‘Heraldry in Bath’, R Whitaker ‘The River Avon’, P Greening ‘The Parish Churches of Medieval Bath’, W Wedlake ‘The Saxon Churches of Glastonbury’, J Hancock, ‘Aerial Archaeological Photography’.

Hon. Treasurers Report 1975B T Cousins
Camertonia 16 Part 1 (1976) pp. 9 – 12.
Covers two year period. Details on Publications Account and the Nancy Smith Memorial Fund.

List of fully paid up members
Camertonia 16 Part 1 (1976) pp. 13 – 14.

Camertonia 16 Part 1 (1976) p. 15.
Advertisement for the Camerton Report and the Two Miscellanies, with prices.