Camertonia issue 18 (1979)

Front Cover
Camertonia 18 (1979)
Officers and Committee 1978-79

Annual Report 1978W J Wedlake
Camertonia 18 (1979) pp. 1 – 4.
Financially difficult year with usual activites now being subsidised from the Deposit Fund. Proposal to increase membership fees to £2.50 for members and £2 for Seniors and students. Urged members to bring friends to lectures, perhaps in this way to increase the membership. Members assisted with the clean up of altars, tombstones etc before the opening of the Bath Roman Baths Museum. Members also assisted at Glastonbury Abbey with the excavation of the Abbot’s Hall, which was directed by W J Wedlake. Nettleton report. Headquarters. Obituary: Miss Dorothy Melluish. New committee members: Mrs Doyle, Mrs Sally Phillips and Mr Edwards.

Lectures 1978-1979W J Wedlake
Camertonia 18 (1979) p. 4.
1978. 3rd October, A Rome, ‘Nineteenth Century Ecclesiastical Architecture’. 7th November, Dr D Warnock, ‘The Bristol and North Somerset Railway’. 21st November, AGM. 5th December, D Viner, ‘Roman Cirencester – Excavation and Assessment’. 1979. 16th January, W Wedlake, ‘Glastonbury and its Excavations’. 6th February, Dr A Ellison, ‘Excavations at Uley Roman Temple’. 6th March, P Greening, ‘The Archaeology of Avon’.

Treasurer’s ReportB T Cousins
Camertonia 18 (1979) pp. 4 – 7.
Explanation that the finances are healthy but the subscription account is nearly exhausted.

Camertonia 18 (1979) p. 8.
Members urged to pay subs as early as possible.

Camertonia 18 (1979) p. 8.
Details of ‘Excavations at Camerton’ and the two ‘North Somerset Miscellanies’ with their prices.

Summer Evening Excursions
Camertonia 18 (1979)
List of excursions