Camertonia issue 26 (1987)

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Annual Report 1986-87W J Wedlake
Camertonia 26 (1987) pp. 1 – 2.
Following closure of the Western Archaeological Trust, excavation activity has almost ceased. However starting to see the development of English Heritage. Continuing concern over financial situation. Lecture and meeting attendance good. The question of the timing of the evening meetings has arisen. Two excursions held. Volunteers still very much needed for research work at the Bath Library on the parishes survey. Thanks to Peter Greening, Arthur Clout, Win Underhay, Arthur Selway, Betty Hall and the members of the Committee. Also Leslie Holt, the auditor. Gracious (really nice) thanks on the award of honorary M.A.

Lectures 1986-87W J Wedlake
Camertonia 26 (1987) p. 2.
1986. 1st October, J Orbach, ‘Victorian Bath’. 6th November, J Bircher, ‘Cult Centres in the Roman Empire’. 3rd December, J Evans, ‘Worlebury – The Story of the Hill’. 1987. 4th February, P Greening, ‘Archaeology of the early Christian Church’. 4th March, W Wedlake, ‘Excavations of Saxon Churches at Glastonbury’.

Summer Excursions 1986W J Wedlake
Camertonia 26 (1987) p. 3.
14th May, Midsomer Norton and Radstock Churches led by Arthur Clout. 11th June, Lullington and Orchardleigh led by Hugh Brocklesby. 16th July, Claverton Pumping Station and Claverton Church, led by Arthur Selway. 23rd August, Maiden Castle, Dorchester in conjunction with the Prehistoric Society.

Winter programme at 1 Bennett StreetW J Wedlake
Camertonia 26 (1987) p. 3.
1986. 15th October, A Selway, ‘National Trust Tour of the Cambridge Area’, with slides. 26th November, AGM. 10th December, Christmas Party. 1987. 18th February, Members’ Quiz Evening. 18th March, ‘The role of the Bath Conservation Area Advisory Commiittee’.

Conservation Area Advisory Committee ReportBetty Hall
Camertonia 26 (1987) pp. 3 – 4.
Mr Stollar re-elected Chairman and Major Crombie, representing the Bath Society, Deputy Chair for the current year. Issue of on-street car parking charges for residents and visitors proposed by Avon County Council. Charges considered to be much too high. A strategy for the landscape of Bath – a report by the Cobham Resource Consultants – was circulated. Details of parks, open spaces, woodlands and views of the surrounding hills from the City Centre. Suggested that the use of render – a mixture of lime, sand and cement – was deplored in the Conservation Area.

New Members
Camertonia 26 (1987) p. 4.

Treasurer’s ReportA E Clout
Camertonia 26 (1987) pp. 4 – 5.
Auditor L J Holt

William James WedlakeJ Bosanko
Camertonia 26 (1987) pp. 6 – 8.
The address of the Public Orator at Univeristy of Bristol on the occasion of the presentation of an Honorary M.A. to Bill Wedlake. 10th July 1986.

Camertonia 26 (1987) p. 9.
Appeal for payment of subs. Now £2.50; oap’s and students £2

Camertonia 26 (1987) p. 9.
‘Excavations at Camerton’ and the two North Somerset Miscellanies.