Camertonia issue 28 (1989)

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42nd Annual ReportW J Wedlake
Camertonia 28 (1989) pp. 1 – 2.
Sadly, a slackening off of people prepared to help with the work of the Society. All growing older, need for younger members. Suggestions needed for cheaper venue for meetings than the Technical College. Also consideration of changing meeting time to afternoon, as older members less happy to drive at night. Consolation that other Societies seem to be in the same situation. Finances healthy. Good series of lectures and discussions. Mention of Dr Robert Dunning, excavations at Glastonbury Abbey, Abbey Gate Museum, Mrs Victoria Dawson and Miss Helen Fuller. Watching brief on the Wansdyke in the South Stoke area. Rev. Richard Bennett, Rector of Camerton has retired, Good wishes to him. Succeeded by Rev. Derek Cooper. Representation continues at Somerset Archaeologial Society, BARGE, Bath Archaeological Trust, Group 13 of the CBA and the Bath Conservation Area Advisory Committee.

The President
Camertonia 28 (1989) p. 2.
Sorry to report that Bill Wedlake is in hospital recovering from a stroke. His gratitude for all good wishes.

Bath Archaeological Trust
Camertonia 28 (1989) p. 3.
This body glad to have volunteer assistance. Contact the Secretary of the Trust at No 4, The Circus, Bath.

Lectures 1988-89
Camertonia 28 (1989) p. 3.
1988. 5th October, M McGarvie, ‘Three Somerset Manor Houses – Cloford, Mells Manor and Mells Park’. 2nd November, E. Crossland, ‘Two Anglo-Saxon Cemeteries; Appledown, Sussex and the Ermine Way, Surrey’. 23 November, AGM. 7th December, R Bell, ‘An Archaeology and Architecture study of a Tudor Manor – Acton Court’. 1989. 1st February, C Hawkes, ‘A New Bone Cave on Mendip’. 1st March, P Greening, ‘Glastonbury – fact and fiction’.

Summer Programme 1988
Camertonia 28 (1989) p. 3.
21 May, Worlebury Hillfort and Woodspring Museum. 25th May, Evening walk – Somerset Coal Canal – led by Peter Greening. 8th June, Visit to Banwell Bone Cave. 2 July, The Land of the Panborough Charter. 20 July, Visit to Shepton Mallet, the Church and Town, led by Arthur Clout. 7th September, Heytesbury, the Church and Village with Knook and Tytherington, led by Win Underhay.

Winter Programme. 1988-1989
Camertonia 28 (1989) p. 3.
1988. 19th October, W Underhay, ‘The Island of Madeira’. 23 November, AGM. 14th December, Christmas Party. 1989. 15th February, J Elkins, ‘African Railways’. 15th March, A Clout, ‘Twerton Prison’.

Conservation Area Advisory Committee Report 1988Betty Hall
Camertonia 28 (1989) p. 4.
Major Crombie re-elected Chairman and Councillor Hemmings, Deputy Chairman. Discussion on car parking, the new card parking system and the congestion in the City at peak times. A plaque commemorating Bath as a World Heritage site has been sited on the roadway following the removal of the fountain outside the Momento shop. Landscaping of Abbey Green discussed. Committee wanted it kept grassed. Six small stone posts have been restored and placed back in position to prevent them being knocked down by lorries. Information received on TV dish aerials and whether planning permission will be necessary for their installation. The question of the increasing number of bill-boards on the City pavements was brought up.

New Members
Camertonia 28 (1989) p. 4.

Bath and Camerton A G M 1988A E Clout
Camertonia 28 (1989) pp. 5 – 6.
Membership 50. Current account situation not good. Recommendation that subs be increased and possibly number of winter lectures be reduced as cost of hiring the Technical College increasingly expensive.

Camertonia 28 (1989) p. 7.
Subs should be paid on the 1st January.

Camertonia 28 (1989) p. 7.
‘Excavations at Camerton’ and the two North Somerset Miscellanies.