Camertonia issue 30 (1991)

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Chairman’s Report. 44th Annual ReportP Greening
Camertonia 30 (1991) pp. 1 – 2.
Catalogue of Bill Wedlake’s papers progressing. Work on Glastonbury will be priority, followed by work at Wallmead, the background to which is described here. Thanks to Ted Longworth for work on Abbot’s Hall at Glastonbury. Winter lectures poorly attended. Summer excursions rather better. Thanks also to Win Underhay and Arthur Clout. Photographic Society had to leave Bennett Street, hence Committee Meetings being held at home of Win Underhay.

Camertonia 30 (1991) p. 2.
Mrs Sue Langdon elected at AGM.

Excursion Secretary
Camertonia 30 (1991) p. 2.
Neil Anderson appointed.

Obituary. Betty Hall
Camertonia 30 (1991) p. 2.
See also Bath Conservation Area Advisory Committee (p 3/4)

Lectures 1990-91
Camertonia 30 (1991) p. 2.
1990. 3 October, A Crossland, ‘Recent Discoveries at Fishbourne Roman Villa’. 5th December, P Greening, ‘The Building of Georgian Bath’. 1991. 6 February, N Anderton, ‘Excavations at Tell Yarmut’. 6 March, P Davenport, ‘Recent Excavations in the Bath Area’.

Summer Programme 1990
Camertonia 30 (1991) p. 3.
28 April, Winford Court, Powder Mill and Butcombe Farms. 9 May, The two churches at Rode, led by Win Underhay. 19 May, CBA Group 13 field trip to the Cotswolds. 3rd June, Glastonbury Abbey and the Saxon Palace at Cheddar, led by P Greening and A Clout. 13 June, Sherston Church and Nettleton led by A Clout. 4 July, Stanton Drew Stone Circles. 14 July, Coldharbour Cottage, Langaller Manor and Charlton Moor led by Cdr Williams. 25 August, Flowers of the Somerset Levels, Lower Burrow and Kingsbury Episcopi led by Capt Roe. 5 Sept, Stoney Littleton and Wellow led by J Elkins. 15 Sept, Walk along East Wansdyke led by N Anderson.

Bath Conservation Area Advisory Committee
Camertonia 30 (1991) pp. 3 – 4.
Neil Anderson will replace Betty Hall on this Committee. Matters discussed included the ongoing concerns about traffic in the City centre, in particular that the Pedestrian deserves a better deal.

Treasurer’s ReportArthur Clout
Camertonia 30 (1991) pp. 4 – 5.
L J Holt Auditor

ShapwickR Neil Anderson
Camertonia 30 (1991) pp. 6 – 7.
Detailed report here on the visit of members, on two occasions, to the Somerset Archaeological and Natural History events at Shapwick. History of the site reported here.

Camertonia 30 (1991) p. 7.
Reminder to pay subscriptions on time. Membership £3.

Camertonia 30 (1991) p. 8.
‘Excavations at Camerton’ and the two North Somerset Miscellanies.