Camertonia issue 31 (1992)

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Front Cover
Camertonia 31 (1992)
Officers and Committee 1991-92

Officers and Agenda (Lectures) Winter and Spring 1992-3
Camertonia 31 (1992) p. 1.
1992. 7th October, J Laidlaw,’ Investigations into his home at Cameley’. 17th November, AGM followed by H. Jelley, ‘Was St Patrick born in Somerset?’. 2nd December, Mick Aston, ‘The Shapwick Project’. 17th December, Annual Dinner at the Malt House at Radford. 1993. 3rd February, P. Greening – no subject given. 3rd March, P Davenport, ‘Recent Archaeological Findings around Bath’.

Chairman’s Report 1991P Greening
Camertonia 31 (1992) pp. 2 – 3.
Continuing work on Bill Wedlake’s papers. Mention of Dr Raleigh Radford. Thanks to Neil Anderson, the Excursions Secretary and to Ted Longhurst for the plan of the Abbot’s Hall excavations at Glastonbury. Sue Langdon doing an historical study of Radford. Hope that other members will consider doing similar work. Loss of Miss Dora Polkinghorne, oldest member. Left £100 in her will to the Society. The Christmas dinner will be at the Old Malt House at Radford. Thanks to Arthur Clout, Sue Langdon, and Neil Anderson. Win Underhay continues to provide hospitality for the meetings.

Excursion to Nympsfield and UleyN Anderson
Camertonia 31 (1992) p. 3.
A detailed report on the excursions – no dates given.

Lectures 1991 – 1992
Camertonia 31 (1992) pp. 4 – 5.
Summer programme 1991 and Winter programme 1991-92.

Accounts for the year ending September 1991A Clout
Camertonia 31 (1992) p. 6.
Current Account low, but Deposit accounts – from Nancy Smith Memorial Fund, William Wedlake Memorial Fund and the legacy from Miss Polkinghorne – are in good order.

Book ReviewC Woodward
Camertonia 31 (1992) pp. 7 – 8.
19th Century Bath: Architects and Architecture’ by Neil Jackson. Ashgrove Press 1991. A detailed review of this book.