Camertonia issue 38 (2000)

Camertonia 38 (2000) p. 45.
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Camertonia 38 (2000) p. 45.
Committee apologies to those contributors whose articles contain typographical errors.

Winter Lecture Programme 2000-2001
Camertonia 38 (2000) p. 45.
12 October, Ms P. Pugsley ‘Roman Wooden Combs’. 9 November, Jayne Lawes, ‘The Annual Archaeological Review’, followed by the AGM. 14 December. Mr Chris Richards, ‘Worlebury Hill Fort’. 11 January, M. Bowden, ‘Unravelling the Landscape’. 8 February, Dr H Tinsley, ‘Pollen Analysis’. 8 March, Mrs G Swanton, ‘The Avebury World Heritage Site’.