Camertonia issue 4 (1) (1955)

Officers of the Club
Camertonia 4 Part 1 (1955) p. 1.

Lectures planned for 1955-56
Camertonia 4 Part 1 (1955) p. 2.
Held at the Technical College. 1955. 1st November, ‘The Excavations at Silchester’, Mr George Boon. 6th December, ‘The Earliest Industry and Trade of Britain’, Prof. V Gordon Childe. 1956. 3rd January, ‘The Story of the Ancient Britons’, Sir Mortimer Wheeler. (This talk, at the Pump Rooms, followed by the Annual Dinner). 7th February, ‘Belgic Invasion & Penetration in Southern England’, Mrs M A Cotton. 6th March,’The Excavations at Camerton, 1926-55′, W J Wedlake. 3rd April, Tba.

Discussion Group Plans 1955-56
Camertonia 4 Part 1 (1955) p. 3.
Held at the Abbey House, Bath. 1966. 8th November, ‘The Beaker Folk’, with especial reference to Avebury and Stonehenge, Mr Peter Greening. 13th December, ‘The Derivation of English Place Names’, Mr Harold Moore. 1956. 14th February, ‘The Preservation of the Dead in Antiquity’, Mr Eric Richardson. 13th March, Quiz Night – members invited to bring an object for discussion.

Camerton Club ActivitiesW J Wedlake
Camertonia 4 Part 1 (1955) p. 4.
The death of Tom Cleworth (Full Obituary p 6/7). Miss S Jones has taken over Secretaryship.

Camerton ExcavationsW J Wedlake
Camertonia 4 Part 1 (1955) pp. 4 – 6.
Report on work in the SW corner of Longlands Field.

The Camerton ReportW J Wedlake
Camertonia 4 Part 1 (1955) p. 6.
The appeal for publication funds will be launched soon.

Obituary. Thomas Hartley CleworthW J Wedlake
Camertonia 4 Part 1 (1955) pp. 6 – 7.
Obituary. Thomas Hartley Cleworth

Lectures and Discussions 1954-1955
Camertonia 4 Part 1 (1955) pp. 7 – 9.
1954. The first three lectures as outlined in Camertonia No 3 part II. October, Sir Mortimer Wheeler. Illustrated lecture held in the Pump Rooms. ‘Sir his usual good form…an appreciative audience..large number of members and their friends’. November, ‘Excavations on the pre-Roman site near Cirencester, which may be the tribal centre of the Dobuni’. Mrs E.M. Clifford. Reference to visit in 1954. December, Miss Ilid Anthony, Curator of the Roman Baths Museum, ‘Interesting’ talk on museums and sites in the Iberian Peninsular. 1955. January. Dr Glyn Daniels. ‘The Megalithic Builders’. This lecture was combined with the Annual Dinner at the Christopher Hotel. ‘A ‘very happy spirit prevailed’. Mention of Tom Cleworth. February, ‘Recent Finds in the Bath Neighbourhood’, Mr W J Wedlake. Report here includes refs to Camerton, Braysdown and St John’s Hospital. March, Dr Nash Williams. ‘Interesting talk on the excavations.. on the site of the civic settlement at Caerleon’. April, ‘Photography and Archaeology’, Mr Maurice Cookson. Illustrated with fine colour slides.

Discussion Group 1954 – 55
Camertonia 4 Part 1 (1955) pp. 8 – 9.
1954. First two evenings as shown in Camertonia No 3 pt II. November described as…’a lively discussion enjoyed by the large number present’. 1955. January, ‘The Cult of Mithrais’ led by Mr Eric Richardson. February, ‘Some aspects of the Neolithic period in Great Britain’ led by Mr Peter Greening. Season concluded with Quiz Night, where members brought objects for identification. All discussion group meetings well attended.

Excursions 1955
Camertonia 4 Part 1 (1955) pp. 9 – 10.
24th April, I.A. Hillfort at Dolebury on Mendip and a visit to the new Reservoir at Chewton Mendip. 15th May, Oxford & Abingdon. Lunch at I.A. camp at Cherbury. Led at Ashmoleon Museum in Oxford by Mr John Bradford. 12th June, Maiden Castle and Forde Abbey. Mr Wedlake gave talk on the archaeology of Maiden Castle. Mr Roper guided the group around his home at Forde Abbey. 3rd July, West Kennet. Professor Stuart Piggott gave members a summary of the dig. 17th July, Caerleon and Caerwent. 25th September, Silchester, led by Mr G Boon.

Notice of AGM.
Camertonia 4 Part 1 (1955) p. 10.
22nd November 1955 at the Technical College.

Annual Jumble Sale
Camertonia 4 Part 1 (1955) pp. 10 – 11.
Postponed to 17th March 1956. The Club relies on the monies raised from this event to supplement subscriptions.

Annual Subscriptions
Camertonia 4 Part 1 (1955) p. 11.
Still at 7 shillings and 6 pence. A request for subs to be paid on time

The Camerton Report
Camertonia 4 Part 1 (1955) p. 11.
Early orders or donations welcomed.

Excursions for 1956
Camertonia 4 Part 1 (1955) pp. 11 – 12.
Suggestions invited for the next season.