Camertonia issue 42 (2004)

PrefaceBob Whitaker MBE
Camertonia 42 (2004)
Society has continued to grow and develop. Lectures and excursions excellent and well supported. Excavation continued successfully. The illustrators group is now a very professional unit and the geophysical team is now a leader in this field.

Obituary. Richard Dumbreck 1915 – 2003Bob Whitaker
Camertonia 42 (2004) p. 40.

Book Reviews
Camertonia 42 (2004) p. 42.
Sophie Hawke on ‘Roman Coins found in Britain’ by Adrian Marsden. Ceri Lambdin on ‘Pottery in Britain – 4000BC to AD1900’ by Lloyd Laing. Note: The books along with ‘Celtic and Roman Artefacts’ by Nigel Mills and ‘Exploring Pre-historic and Roman England’ by Barry Marsden will be placed in the Society’s Library.

Committee Members
Camertonia 42 (2004) p. 43.