Camertonia issue 49 (2011)

Camertonia 49 (2011) p. 3.

Chairman’s Report.Bob Whitaker MBE MA
Camertonia 49 (2011) p. 4.
Mention here of final year of excavation at Blacklands field, Upper Row Farm. Also mention of first year of training excavation at Homefield and geophysics at Stanton Drew. Tribute to Gordon Hendy and his invitation, 10 years ago, to investigate finds at the farm. End of 3 year Heritage Lottery Funded ‘Archaeology for all at Upper Row Farm’.

Excursions and LecturesRoger Lawley
Camertonia 49 (2011) p. 55.
Summary of the 2010 Excursions. 24th April, Devizes, Museum and churches. 12th May, Boyd’s Mill, Castle Cary and Bruton. 15th June Shepton Mallet town. 1st July, Trowbridge town walk. 13th July, churches near Frome. 7th August, Bratton Camp and Old Wardour Castle. 22nd August, Caerwent and Caerleon. The names of the leaders and guides for each excursion are given here. Detailed Reports on four of the excursions. Lectures 2010 – 11. 201014th October, Mark Corney, ‘Recent excavations at Chepstow’. 11th November, Brian Davidson, ‘Feudal Lords and their Manors’. 9th December, Roy Canham, Archaeology of Salisbury Plain’. 2011 13th January, Jay Stock, ‘Agriculture in the Middle East’. 10th February, Update on Society Projects and AGM. 10th March, Alexandra Fletcher ‘Neolithic site, Domuztepe, in South Turkey’.

BACAS Programme 2011 – 2012
Camertonia 49 (2011) p. 68.
7th May, Salisbury Plain, guide Roy Canham. 14th June, Shepton Mallet (part 2), guide Alan Stone. 29th June, Weston Village, Bath, guide Michael Rockey. 7th July, Churches near Frome, guide Michael McGarvie. 14th August, Axbridge, guide Robin Goodfellow. 11th September, Stanton Drew and Burrington Combe guide John Oswin.Lectures 2011. 13th October. ‘All that Glitters: The Origins of Metallurgy in Eurasia’ Ben Roberts, Curator British Museum. 10th November, ‘Boudica-Boadicea: Myth and Reality’, Miranda Aldhouse-Green, Cardiff University. 8th December, ‘Dating the Rock-art in the Serra de Capavira, N.E. Brazil’, Dr George Nash, Bristol University. 2012. 12th January, TBA. 16th February, Updates on Society projects given by Members, followed by the AGM. 15th March TBA.

BACAS Committee and Key contacts
Camertonia 49 (2011) p. 69.