Camertonia issue 5 (1) (1956)

Officers of the Club
Camertonia 5 Part 1 (1956) p. 1.

Note on series of lectures being arrangedW J Wedlake
Camertonia 5 Part 1 (1956) p. 2.
Charge for non-members is 1 shilling. Higher charge for lectures at the Pump Rooms because of hire cost.

Lectures planned for 1956-1957.W J Wedlake
Camertonia 5 Part 1 (1956) pp. 2 – 3.
Held at Technical College unless otherwise stated. 1956. 3rd October (Pump Rooms) ‘The Excavations at Jericho’, Dr Kathleen Kenyon. 6th November ‘Some aspects of the Archaeological Survey of Britain’, L Rivett. 4th December ‘The Ancient City of Athens’, J.Cook. 1957. 1st January (Abbey Church House) ‘The Excavations at Verulamium’ (St Albans), Shepherd Frere. 5th February, ‘Celtic Britain AD 400 – 850’, Ralegh Radford. 5th March, ‘The Roman Military Advance AD43 – 60’, Graham Webster. 2nd April, ‘Recent Archaeological Activity in the Bath Area’, W J Wedlake.

Discussions planned 1956-1957W J Wedlake
Camertonia 5 Part 1 (1956) pp. 3 – 4.
At Abbey Church House. 1956. 9th October, ‘Mycenean Contacts with Wessex in the Bronze Age’ led by Peter Greening. 13th November, ‘The Growth and Development of Nursing’ led Miss Susan Jones. 11th December, ‘The English Parish Church’ led by Mr H Moore. 1957.12th February, Quiz Night. 12th March, ‘The Preservation of Antiquities’.

AGM 1956W J Wedlake
Camertonia 5 Part 1 (1956) p. 4.
27th November 1956 at the Technical College.

Subscriptions.W J Wedlake
Camertonia 5 Part 1 (1956) p. 4.
An appeal for outstanding subscriptions.

Excursions 1956W J Wedlake
Camertonia 5 Part 1 (1956) pp. 5 – 6.
22nd April, Iron Age Hill Forts at Cley Hill, Scratchbury and Battlesbury. No Report. Whitsun Weekend, Lincoln, York, Fountains Abbey, Ripon, Byland & Rievaulx, Durham, Hadrians Wall, Hexham, Carlisle Cathedral, Chester and the Castle at Ludlow. A lengthy report on a very full weekend. 24th June, Saxon Church at Deerhurst, Berkeley Castle and Uley Long Barrow. No Report. 15th July, ,Axbridge Museum, Banwell Bone Cave and excavations at Winthill, at the invitation of Axbridge Caving Group. No Report. 9th September, St Albans visiting the Museum, the recent excavations and the Roman Theatre.

Proposed Tour of Wales
Camertonia 5 Part 1 (1956) p. 6.
Following the success of the Yorkshire Abbeys and Hadrian’s Wall trip, the proposal to tour Wales at Whitsun next year will be investigated

The Camerton Report
Camertonia 5 Part 1 (1956) pp. 6 – 7.
Gratifying response to the Appeal for donations in the last Camertonia. Report nearly ready for printing, but costs have increased. (see also p 9-10)

Second list of Subscribers to the Report Fund
Camertonia 5 Part 1 (1956) pp. 7 – 9.
Details by name and amount given. Total £543.19s 1p. Report will be £2.10s per copy, but £2.2s to subscribers.

Additional Orders Received for the Camerton Report
Camertonia 5 Part 1 (1956) p. 9.
City of Bath Education Committee, National Library of Wales, Ordnance Survey Office at Chessington, Somerset County Council Library, Messrs Stephens & Brown Ltd and Messrs Wheaton & Co. Ltd.

Grants promised for the Camerton Report
Camertonia 5 Part 1 (1956) p. 9.
British Academy £50, Council for British Archaeology £200.

The Camerton Report – additional comment
Camertonia 5 Part 1 (1956) pp. 9 – 10.
Plea for support in this venture, which is far beyond the usual resources of the Club. (see also p 6-7)

Additional list of Members who have joined since 1956
Camertonia 5 Part 1 (1956) p. 11.