Camertonia issue 50 (2012)

Camertonia 50 (2012) p. 3.

Lectures 2011 – 2012Roger Lawley
Camertonia 50 (2012) p. 42.
2011. 13th October, Ben Roberts, Curator Bronze Age, British Museum. ‘All That Glitters: The Origins of Metallurgy in Eurasia’. 10th November, Miranda Aldhouse-Green, Professor of Archaeology, Cardiff University. ‘Boudica/Boadicea: Myth and Reality’. 8th December Dr. George Nash, Specialist in Prehistoric Art, University of Bristol. ‘Dating the Rock Art in the Sierra de Capivara, North-East Brazil’. 2012. 12th January Ceri Lambdin, Director of the St Algar’s Project Group. ‘Roman Glass Recycling on a Grand Scale: recent field work in Somerset’.15th March Sam Moorhead, Department of Portable Antiquities and Treasures, British Museum. ‘The Frome Hoard Treasure’.

Programme of Lectures and Excursions for 2012 – 2013
Camertonia 50 (2012) p. 53.
EXCURSIONS 2012. 21st April Roman Glass working and Andover Museum. 19th May Wells City and Cathedral. 10th June Pewsey Ridge: Wansdyke and before. 1st July Corsham Court and Town. 8th July Banwell Bone Cave and Stanton Drew. 5 September Fussell’s Balance Lock, Mells. LECTURES 2012. 18th October ‘Recent work on Neolithic sites in Wiltshire’, David Field, English Heritage. 15th November ‘News from the Frontier (Hadrian’s Wall)’, Mark Corney, Archaeological Consultant. 13th December ‘The Fussells, the edge tool makers of Mells’, Robin Thornes, Frome Society for Local Study. 2013. 10th January ‘The Antikythera Mechanism’ Mike Edmunds, Professor of Astrophysics at Cardiff University. 14th February Updates on Society Projects given by Members, followed by the Society’s AGM. 14th March ‘The Roman Army in the West’ John Smith.

The Committee and Key Contacts
Camertonia 50 (2012) p. 54.