Camertonia issue 54 (2017-18)

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Manx Keeill GeophysicsJohn Oswin
Camertonia 54 (2017-18) p. 6 – 9.
Investigating the hinterland of keeills, a new project for the Isle of Man archaeologists, with help from BACAS
Mud, Mud, Inglorious MudJohn Oswin and Robin Holley
Camertonia 54 (2017-18) p. 10 – 11.
An intrepid geophysical survey that revealed its remarkable Roman prize, south of Durley Hill cemetery, Keynsham.
Durley Hill KeynshamBryn Walters and Robin Holley
Camertonia 54 (2017-18) p. 12 – 15.
A review of 2016-17 fieldwork
Half a Henge?John Oswin
Camertonia 54 (2017-18) p. 16 – 17.
Continued efforts to find a villa at Priston produced a surprise discovery
Little ChalfieldRob Arkell
Camertonia 54 (2017-18) p. 18 – 24.
Little or West Chalfield is one of the two manors at Chalfield recorded in Domesday, the other being Great or East Chalfield. Great Chalfield is well known, whereas Little Chalfield has been almost invisible. The project’s original aim was to try to confirm the alleged site of Little Chalfield’s chapel with a geophysical survey following an analysis of newly available LIDAR data, and this was then widened to search for evidence of the earlier manor house and dovecote.
Monument FieldTim Lunt
Camertonia 54 (2017-18) p. 25.
A geophysical survey at Prior Park
The Missing Church TowerJohn Richards
Camertonia 54 (2017-18) p. 26 – 28.
The mystery of the missing church tower at Stanton Drew
Prior Park RememberedJohn Oswin
Camertonia 54 (2017-18) p. 29.
Rediscovering an invaluable 2006 survey
A Green Hill, not so Far AwayFiona Medland
Camertonia 54 (2017-18) p. 30 – 33.
A temple at Temple Cloud? A previously unknown hilltop enclosure.
Beside the PiggeryJohn Oswin
Camertonia 54 (2017-18) p. 34 – 35.
More Roman and prehistoric archaeology found near the Blacklands site
Geophysics at RodePeter Harris
Camertonia 54 (2017-18) p. 36 – 39.
The St Lawrence Churchyard
Bathampton ArchwayJohn Withey
Camertonia 54 (2017-18) p. 40 – 43.
A geophysical survey of the Bathampton Archway, a possible medieval structure
Saltford Coffin Field DigRoger Vaughan
Camertonia 54 (2017-18) p. 44.
Evidence of Roman occupation discovered