Camertonia issue 6 (1) (1958)

Officers of the Club
Camertonia 6 Part 1 (1958) p. 1.

Important Notice; increase in SubscriptionW.J.Wedlake
Camertonia 6 Part 1 (1958) p. 2.
Minimum annual subscription up to 10/-. Appeal for subscriptions to be paid on time.

Camerton Report 1957W.J.Wedlake
Camertonia 6 Part 1 (1958) pp. 2 – 3.
‘Steady progress’ this year. Thanks to Officers of the Club, to those who have donated for the printing fund and to those who organised the Xmas Draw, which raised more funds for the publication of the Camerton Report.

Camertonia 6 Part 1 (1958) p. 3.
Little to report, but work re-commences on 23rd November.

Committee Meetings
Camertonia 6 Part 1 (1958) p. 3.
The Committee met six times during the year at Miss Melluish’ shop.

Lectures and Discussions
Camertonia 6 Part 1 (1958) p. 3.
Lectures well attended. Discussions not so good and they have been dropped, temporarily.

Camertonia 6 Part 1 (1958) p. 4.
Increase from 1st January 1958. For several years outgoings have only been met by the addition of the Jumble Sale income.

Financial Position
Camertonia 6 Part 1 (1958) p. 4.
Smaller balance than last year due to cost of postage and printing.

Camertonia 6 Part 1 (1958) p. 4.
Acting on a proposal at the last AGM a form of insurance has been effected to cover both paid and voluntary personnel engaged in excavation work organised by the Club.

Camertonia 6 Part 1 (1958) p. 4.
Steady at 100. Sorry to lose Cdr. E Williams as a result of his leaving the district. Thanks for his work at Wick Wood.

St James’ Church, Bath
Camertonia 6 Part 1 (1958) p. 4.
Agreement with Woolworths, the owners of the site regarding excavation. Note here on transfer of earlier funds from previous Bath excavation, the City of Bath Excavation Committee Account – see Treasurer’s Report.

Camertonia 6 Part 1 (1958) p. 4.
Not so well supported as in the past. Suggestions for venues would be welcomed.

Camertonia 6 Part 1 (1958) pp. 4 – 5.
Thanks to Miss Jones for filling the breach following the death of Mr Cleworth. Mr P Greening has now taken over as Secretary.

Camertonia 6 Part 1 (1958) p. 5.
Thanks to all the Committee and Members, some of whom are named here.

Treasurer’s Report & AccountsH.F Moore
Camertonia 6 Part 1 (1958) pp. 5 – 9.
Accounts to 22nd October 1957.

Excursions 1957D Melluish
Camertonia 6 Part 1 (1958) p. 9.
Excursion Secretary’s Report and Balance Sheet. 1957. May 12th, Gloucester & Worcester Cathedrals, Tewkesbury & Evesham Abbeys. 2nd June, Exeter Cathedral & Grimspound on Dartmoor. See Report Camertonia No 5 Pt II, P 3/4. 7th July.Woodhenge, Stonehenge, Old Sarum, Wilton House & Salisbury Cathedral. No Report. 1st September. Blaise Castle, Folk Museum and the Roman Villa at Kingweston. No Report. 22nd September, Cirencester & the Corinium Museum led by Mr Graham Webster. ‘The museum opened especially for the Group’.

The Camerton Report Publications Fund.
Camertonia 6 Part 1 (1958) p. 10.
4th List of Subscribers here up to 1st December 1957. Total now at £1262.5s 8p.

The Christmas Draw.
Camertonia 6 Part 1 (1958) pp. 10 – 11.
List of prizes, who donated them, the ticket numbers and the winners. Profits to the Camerton Report Publication Fund

Additional Members since August 1957
Camertonia 6 Part 1 (1958) p. 12.

Rummage Sale
Camertonia 6 Part 1 (1958) p. 12.
Postponed due to insufficient donations. Leave any gifts at Miss Melluish’s shop.

The Camerton Site
Camertonia 6 Part 1 (1958) p. 12.
Work to proceed on Saturday afternoon (weather permitting). Not necessary to be a member to help with this work.

Wick Wood, Nettleton
Camertonia 6 Part 1 (1958) p. 12.
Intended to resume work in May 1958. Anyone wishing to assist to contact the Secretary. No-one to visit the site without informing Director or Secretary first.

Excursions planned 1958
Camertonia 6 Part 1 (1958) p. 13.
4th May, Sherborne Abbey & Shaftesbury Abbey and Museum. 8th June, Tour of the Cotswolds including Widcombe and Chedworth. Others Tba

Lectures planned 1958
Camertonia 6 Part 1 (1958) p. 13.
7th January ‘The Roman City of Pompeii’, 4th February, ‘Man’s Journey through Time’, 25th February, a lecture by Sir Mortimer Wheeler at the Pump Rooms with the Annual Dinner, 4th March, ‘Iron Age and Viking Settlers in Northern Britain’, 1st April, ‘An Archaeological Tour of France, Italy and Spain’.