Camertonia issue 8 (1) (1960)

EditorialW J Wedlake
Camertonia 8 Part 1 (1960) p. 1.
‘We … endeavour to keep a watchful eye on the antiquities of Bath and its neighbourhood’. Impresses members with the need to watch out for, and report back, on any excavations they may encounter. ‘A postcard to the Secretary will ensure that a visit will be made to the site’.

Annual SubscriptionW J Wedlake
Camertonia 8 Part 1 (1960) pp. 1 – 2.
Increased from 10/- to 15/-, largely necessary as the result of acquiring new headquarters for the Club. (See page 5 and page 6/7)

Annual Report 1960W J Wedlake
Camertonia 8 Part 1 (1960) pp. 2 – 7.
‘A period of continuing progress in most activities’. Membership. Lectures. Excursions. Financial position. Excavations. Pump Room Hotel site. St James Church site. Other sites. Camerton site. Camerton Report. Headquarters. Camertonia (‘disappointing to find that members do not always read its contents’). Archaeological Branch of the Ordnance Survey. Annual subscription. Club at meeting of Somerset Archaeological Society; discussion of possible national card index system.

Excavations 1961
Camertonia 8 Part 1 (1960) p. 8.
Work to re-start at Nettleton in Spring 1961.

Treasurer’s ReportH.F.Moore
Camertonia 8 Part 1 (1960) pp. 8 – 11.
Accounts for the year ending 22nd October 1960. Specific mention of Nancy Smith Memorial Fund, City of Bath Excavation Account and the Publication Fund

Excursion Secretary’s Report 1960D.M Melluish
Camertonia 8 Part 1 (1960) p. 12.
Only one of the planned trips took place. 2nd October Nettleton. (see also p 2)

HeadquartersW J Wedlake
Camertonia 8 Part 1 (1960) pp. 12 – 13.
Bath City Council has offered basement of No 2 Gay Street. Rental £20 p.a. exclusive of rates. Room for storage and cleaning of growing amount of finds.

Obituary. Mr John Webb Moore
Camertonia 8 Part 1 (1960) p. 13.
Father of the Treasurer, Mr H F Moore

Jumble Sale
Camertonia 8 Part 1 (1960) p. 14.
At Camerton, December 3rd 1960. Raised £24.15.9

Lectures Winter 1960 – 61
Camertonia 8 Part 1 (1960) pp. 14 – 15.
4th October, ‘Lullingstone Roman Villa’, Lt Col. G W Meates. 1st November, ‘Roman Colchester’, Miss D Bushell, the Curator of the Roman Baths Museum, Bath. 6th December, ‘Recent Excavations at Dinorbed Hill-Fort’, Dr H N Savory, Keeper of the Dept of Archaeology, National Museum of Wales.

List of Members 1960
Camertonia 8 Part 1 (1960) pp. 17 – 19.