Camertonia issue 8 (2) (1961)

EditorialW J Wedlake
Camertonia 8 Part 2 (1961) p. 1.
Apologies – no two copies of Camertonia in 1961.

AGM 1961W J Wedlake
Camertonia 8 Part 2 (1961) p. 1.
21st November 1961. An appeal for a Civic Museum for Bath. Appointment of new Treasurer (see p 11)

Forthcoming EventsW J Wedlake
Camertonia 8 Part 2 (1961) pp. 1 – 2.
16th December, a Wine and Cheese Party – this to take the place of the Annual Dinner. Spring 1962, a Jumble Sale and an Excursion to see the Woodchester Pavement, which is only uncovered every 10 years.

Directors Report 1961W J Wedlake
Camertonia 8 Part 2 (1961) pp. 2 – 11.
Again a successful year. Headquarters. Future headquarters activities. Financial position. Lectures. Excursions. Camertonia. Membership. Obituary: Mrs M Humphreys. Council for British Archaeology and Somerset Archaeological Society. Excavations: Camerton; Collins Mead; Bath; Nettleton Temple Mausoleum and Rectangular Building; Exhibition; Future activities; Bath Museum; Treasurer.

Treasurer’s ReportH F Moore
Camertonia 8 Part 2 (1961) pp. 12 – 15.
Specific mention of the Nancy Smith Memorial Fund and the City of Bath Excavation Account.

Excursion Secretary’s Report 1961D Melluish
Camertonia 8 Part 2 (1961) p. 16.
9th April Cirencester.

Illustrated Lectures
Camertonia 8 Part 2 (1961) p. 16.
3rd October, ‘Archaeological Sites in Central Italy’, W.J.Wedlake. 7th November, ‘The Pictish & Norse Site on the Brough of Birsay on Orkney, Raleigh Radford. 21 November, AGM. 5th December, ‘Iron Age Bog Burials’, Mrs M Cotton. 9th January, ‘The Saxon Palace at Cheddar’, Philip Rahtz. 6th February, ‘Excavations at Dinas Powys’, Leslie Alcock. 6th March, ‘Romano-British Townships in the West’, F.C Annable.

New members since December 1960
Camertonia 8 Part 2 (1961) p. 17.

Publication. “Excavation at Camerton, Somerset”
Camertonia 8 Part 2 (1961) p. 18.
An account of 25 years of archaeological excavation, fully illustrated. Further details of price and where to obtain.

Archaeological Record of Bath & District
Camertonia 8 Part 2 (1961) p. 18.
The re-instatement of the practice of collecting archaeological items from newspapers etc. Miss S Lloyd has offered to supervise this work.

Skinner MSSW.J.Wedlake
Camertonia 8 Part 2 (1961) pp. 18 – 19.
Extracts from the MSS of April 1826, including Skinner poem on the accidental breaking of an amber bead which had contained a bee.