Camertonia issue 9 (2) (1963)

Officers of the Club
Camertonia 9 Part 2 (1963) p. 1.

Other sites in Bath areaW J Wedlake
Camertonia 9 Part 2 (1963) p. 2.
Negotiations on short term excavations on pre-historic and Roman sites in the Bath area. Further details during the Camerton dig.

Camertonia 9 Part 2 (1963) p. 2.
Cataloguing of pottery from Nettleton and other sites continuing. Work on large scale model of Nettleton Temple is underway. The elecrolysis equipment also being used and the cleaning of some of the painted plaster continues. Thanks to Miss Lloyd for paying the Rates.

Camertonia 9 Part 2 (1963) p. 3.
A ‘please pay up promptly’ plea. Also asking members to introduce their friends to the Club. Annual Grants from the British Academy, the Society of Antiquaries, the Haverfield Trust and the Carnegie United Kingdom Trust – evidence of the esteem in which this Society is held.

Hobbies and Careers Exhibition, Bath
Camertonia 9 Part 2 (1963) p. 3.
Spring 1964. Club have accepted an invitation to provide a stand.

Excursions planned 1963
Camertonia 9 Part 2 (1963) pp. 3 – 5.
26th May, Cannington, Bridgewater, Nether Stowey, Combwich and the Polden Hills. 16th June, Winchcombe, Hayles Abbey, Stow on the Wold, Notgrove Long Barrow. 14th July, Winchester. 11th August, Woodchester, Cirencester, Uley Long Barrow and Malmesbury Abbey. 29th September, Maiden Castle with Crewkerne, Abbotsbury and Dorchester.

Nettleton ExcavationW J Wedlake
Camertonia 9 Part 2 (1963) p. 5.
Suspended 25th April 1963. Will recommence mid-September.

Obituary. Mr Leonard Dunford.
Camertonia 9 Part 2 (1963) p. 5.

Obituary. Mr Reginald W M Wright.
Camertonia 9 Part 2 (1963) p. 5.

Jumble Sale
Camertonia 9 Part 2 (1963) p. 7.
Will be on May 24th at Church Room Camerton. Gifts may be left at Miss Melluish’s shop at 13 York Street.

W Wedlake to be Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries
Camertonia 9 Part 2 (1963) p. 8.
‘All members of the Club join with Mr Wedlake’s many other friends in offering him their heartiest congratulations’.