Spinney Close, Keynsham

publication date: Mar 7, 2017
Roman structures were observed under the cemetery for Keynsham in the 1870’s and there were formal excavations in the 1920’s, which extended to the far side of the road embankment (dating from the 1820’s) next to the cemetery. There has been some suspicion that the structure beyond the embankment had not been correctly located with respect to those found in the cemetery as there is no line of sight between these. The survey described here was done in January 2017 and was intended to observe features on the opposite side of the road embankment and locate them with respect to the structures in the cemetery. Twin-probe resistance was used for the survey, and this showed the structures excavated in the 1920’s, as well as a conduit and structure to the south-west and a long structure to the east, possibly of later date. Location of features was limited to an accuracy of no better than 5 m, but this was sufficient to show that the original 1920’s plans were misaligned by about 10 m.