Forms, Procedures, and Guidelines

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Accident Form
Issued March 2019
Complete this form for any accident. An accident is an unplanned event that results in an injury, or could have resulted in an injury, or results in damage to equipment or property, OR harm to the environment. Anyone can complete an accident/incident report form. Once completed the form should be given to the Health and Safety Officer.
Context Sheet
Issued October 2023
A blank context sheet for excavation recording, in Word format.

The Drone Code

(external link – Civil Aviation Authority)

Drones guidance notes

(external link – Durham University)
Health & Safety Instructions and Form
Issued December 2019
Requirements and guidelines for all types of fieldwork. All participants in fieldwork should be given a copy of these instructions to read and then sign the included form.
Request for Use of Equipment
Revised November 2023
If you are a member of BACAS and you have a project where you need assistance or use of equipment for geophysics, surveying or excavation you should complete and submit the form at the end of this document in order to provide basic details.
Risk Assessment Form
Issued March 2019
Template to be filled in before any fieldwork project.
Risk Assessment Example
Issued March 2019
An example of a completed risk assessment.