The Society has its own geophysics equipment, and a very active geophysics team, who meet three days a week through the winter and also on occasional Sundays. We have surveyed nearby known villa sites at Durley Hill, Peart and Lower Row and are building up a detailed knowledge of the local buried landscape.

We support members’ initiatives and student projects, so it is possible to make use of the equipment and the expertise of the team for your research. The magnetometer can find hearths, holes and ditches, whereas the resistance meter shows walls, and are complementary. The use of both on a site gives us a very thorough survey of what is likely to be under the ground surface. We then use the EDM to add contours to understand the relief of the land.

Go to What is geophysics? for an explanation of each piece of equipment, photographs of the equipment in use, and examples of the results they give us.


Apart from our main research we also do surveys for our members, and they are encouraged to join in. We are always looking for new team members, so if you have time to spare and enjoy a healthy outdoor life with plenty of exercise, do come and join us!

For more information on any of our geophysics events, to volunteer, or to discuss setting up a project, get in touch with us at